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» Migrating C++ sockets to C#
» RFC Reference guide
» COM Reference guide
» WMI Reference guide
» SQL stored procedures
» TCP & UDP port reference
» NET Framework reference
» Ethernet Type codes
» MAC address assignments
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MAC address assignments by manufacturer

MAC (Media access control) codes are six byte numbers which uniquely identify network hardware. They are sent as part of the ethernet frame header. It is possible, using the list below to identify the manufacturer of a given network device, and a simple packet capture program, such as described in chapter 13 of Network programming in .NET to view what types of hardware are communicating on your network. This could be particularly useful if you are concerned that a third party may be using your network without your knowledge.

00-04-0FAsus Network Technologies Inc.
00-04-10Spinnaker Networks Inc.
00-04-11Inkra Networks Inc.
00-04-12WaveSmith Networks Inc.
00-04-13SNOM Technology AG
00-04-14Umezawa Musen Denki Co. Ltd.
00-04-15Rasteme Systems Co. Ltd.
00-04-16Parks S/A Comunicacoes Digitais
00-04-17ELAU AG
00-04-18Teltronic S.A.U.
00-04-19Fibercycle Networks Inc.
00-04-1Aines GmbH
00-04-1BDigital Interfaces Ltd.
00-04-1CipDialog Inc.
00-04-1DCorega of America
00-04-1EShikoku Instrumentation Co. Ltd.
00-04-1FSony Computer Entertainment Inc.
00-04-20Slim Devices Inc.
00-04-21Ocular Networks
00-04-22Gordon Kapes Inc.
00-04-23Intel Corporation
00-04-24TMC s.r.l.
00-04-25Atmel Corporation
00-04-27Cisco Systems Inc.
00-04-28Cisco Systems Inc.
00-04-29Pixord Corporation
00-04-2AWireless Networks Inc.
00-04-2BIT Access Co. Ltd.
00-04-2CMinet Inc.
00-04-2DSarian Systems Ltd.
00-04-2ENetous Technologies Ltd.
00-04-2FInternational Communications Products Inc.
00-04-31GlobalStreams Inc.
00-04-32Voyetra Turtle Beach Inc.
00-04-33Cyberboard A/S
00-04-34Accelent Systems Inc.
00-04-35Comptek International Inc.
00-04-36ELANsat Technologies Inc.
00-04-37Powin Information Technology Inc.
00-04-38Nortel Networks
00-04-39Rosco Entertainment Technology Inc.
00-04-3AIntelligent Telecommunications Inc.
00-04-3BLava Computer Mfg. Inc.
00-04-3CSONOS Co. Ltd.
00-04-3DINDEL AG
00-04-3FElectronic Systems Technology Inc.
00-04-40cyberPIXIE Inc.
00-04-41Half Dome Systems Inc.
00-04-43Agilent Technologies Inc.
00-04-44Western Multiplex Corporation
00-04-45LMS Skalar Instruments GmbH
00-04-46CYZENTECH Co. Ltd.
00-04-47Acrowave Systems Co. Ltd.
00-04-48Polaroid Professional Imaging
00-04-49Mapletree Networks
00-04-4AiPolicy Networks Inc.
00-04-4DCisco Systems Inc.
00-04-4ECisco Systems Inc.
00-04-4FLeukhardt Systemelektronik GmbH
00-04-50DMD Computers SRL
00-04-51Medrad Inc.
00-04-52RocketLogix Inc.
00-04-53YottaYotta Inc.
00-04-54Quadriga UK
00-04-56PipingHot Networks
00-04-57Universal Access Technology Inc.
00-04-58Fusion X Co. Ltd.
00-04-59Veristar Corporation
00-04-5AThe Linksys Group Inc.
00-04-5BTechsan Electronics Co. Ltd.
00-04-5CMobiwave Pte Ltd
00-04-5DBEKA Elektronik
00-04-5EPolyTrax Information Technology AG
00-04-5FEvalue Technology Inc.
00-04-60Knilink Technology Inc.
00-04-61EPOX Computer Co. Ltd.
00-04-62DAKOS Data & Communication Co. Ltd.
00-04-63Bosch Security Systems
00-04-64Fantasma Networks Inc.
00-04-65i.s.t isdn-support technik GmbH
00-04-66ARMITEL Co.
00-04-67Wuhan Research Institute of MII
00-04-68Vivity Inc.
00-04-69Innocom Inc.
00-04-6ANavini Networks
00-04-6BPalm Wireless Inc.
00-04-6CCyber Technology Co. Ltd.
00-04-6DCisco Systems Inc.
00-04-6ECisco Systems Inc.
00-04-6FDigitel S/A Industria Eletronica
00-04-70ipUnplugged AB
00-04-72Telelynx Inc.
00-04-73Photonex Corporation
00-04-753 Com Corporation
00-04-763 Com Corporation
00-04-77Scalant Systems Inc.
00-04-78G. Star Technology Corporation
00-04-79Radius Co. Ltd.
00-04-7CSkidata AG
00-04-7ENKF Electronics
00-04-7FChr. Mayr GmbH & Co. KG
00-04-80Foundry Networks Inc.
00-04-81Econolite Control Products Inc.
00-04-82Medialogic Corp.
00-04-83Deltron Technology Inc.
00-04-84Amann GmbH
00-04-86ITTC University of Kansas
00-04-87Cogency Semiconductor Inc.
00-04-88Eurotherm Controls
00-04-89YAFO Networks Inc.
00-04-8ATemia Vertriebs GmbH
00-04-8BPoscon Corporation
00-04-8CNayna Networks Inc.
00-04-8DTone Commander Systems Inc.
00-04-8EOhm Tech Labs Inc.
00-04-8FTD Systems Corp.
00-04-90Optical Access
00-04-91Technovision Inc.
00-04-92Hive Internet Ltd.
00-04-93Tsinghua Unisplendour Co. Ltd.
00-04-94Breezecom Ltd.
00-04-95Tejas Networks
00-04-96Extreme Networks
00-04-97MacroSystem Digital Video AG
00-04-98Chino Corporation 000499
00-04-9ACisco Systems Inc.
00-04-9BCisco Systems Inc.
00-04-9CSurgient Networks Inc.
00-04-9DIpanema Technologies
00-04-9EWirelink Co. Ltd.
00-04-A0Verity Instruments Inc.
00-04-A1Pathway Connectivity
00-04-A2L.S.I. Japan Co. Ltd.
00-04-A3Microchip Technology Inc.
00-04-A4NetEnabled Inc.
00-04-A5Barco Projection Systems NV
00-04-A6SAF Tehnika Ltd.
00-04-A7FabiaTech Corporation
00-04-A8Broadmax Technologies Inc.
00-04-A9SandStream Technologies Inc.
00-04-AAJetstream Communications
00-04-ABComverse Network Systems Inc.
00-04-ADMalibu Networks
00-04-AELiquid Metronics
00-04-AFDigital Fountain Inc.
00-04-B0ELESIGN Co. Ltd.
00-04-B1Signal Technology Inc.
00-04-B3Videotek Inc.
00-04-B5Equitrac Corporation
00-04-B6Stratex Networks Inc.
00-04-B7AMB i.t. Holding
00-04-B8Kumahira Co. Ltd.
00-04-B9S.I. Soubou Inc.
00-04-BAKDD Media Will Corporation
00-04-BBBardac Corporation
00-04-BCGiantec Inc.
00-04-BDMotorola BCS
00-04-BEOptXCon Inc.
00-04-BFVersaLogic Corp.
00-04-C0Cisco Systems Inc.
00-04-C1Cisco Systems Inc.
00-04-C2Magnipix Inc.
00-04-C3CASTOR Informatique
00-04-C4Allen & Heath Limited
00-04-C5ASE Technologies USA
00-04-C6Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.
00-04-C8LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH
00-04-C9Micro Electron Co. Ltd.
00-04-CAFreeMs Corp.
00-04-CBTdsoft Communication Ltd.
00-04-CCPeek Traffic B.V.
00-04-CDInformedia Research Group
00-04-CEPatria Ailon
00-04-CFSeagate Technology
00-04-D0Softlink s.r.o.
00-04-D1Drew Technologies Inc.
00-04-D2Adcon Telemetry AG
00-04-D3Toyokeiki Co. Ltd.
00-04-D4Proview Electronics Co. Ltd.
00-04-D5Hitachi Communication Systems Inc.
00-04-D6Takagi Industrial Co. Ltd.
00-04-D7Omitec Instrumentation Ltd.
00-04-D8IPWireless Inc.
00-04-D9Titan Electronics Inc.
00-04-DARelax Technology Inc.
00-04-DBTellus Group Corp.
00-04-DCNortel Networks
00-04-DDCisco Systems Inc.
00-04-DECisco Systems Inc.
00-04-DFTeracom Telematica Ltda.
00-04-E0Procket Networks
00-04-E1Infinior Microsystems
00-04-E2SMC Networks Inc.
00-04-E3Accton Technology Corp.
00-04-E4Daeryung Ind. Inc.
00-04-E5Glonet Systems Inc.
00-04-E6Banyan Network Private Limited
00-04-E7Lightpointe Communications Inc
00-04-E8IER Inc.
00-04-E9Infiniswitch Corporation
00-04-EAHewlett-Packard Company
00-04-EBPaxonet Communications Inc.
00-04-ECMemobox SA
00-04-EDBillion Electric Co. Ltd.
00-04-EELincoln Electric Company
00-04-EFPolestar Corp.
00-04-F0International Computers Ltd
00-04-F2Circa Communications Ltd.
00-04-F4Infinite Electronics Inc.
00-04-F5SnowShore Networks Inc.
00-04-F7Omega Band Inc.
00-04-F8QUALICABLE TV Industria E Com. Ltda
00-04-F9Xtera Communications Inc.
00-04-FAMIST Inc.
00-04-FBCommtech Inc.
00-04-FCStratus Computer (DE) Inc.
00-04-FDJapan Control Engineering Co. Ltd.
00-04-FEPelago Networks
00-04-FFAcronet Co. Ltd.
00-05-00Cisco Systems Inc.
00-05-01Cisco Systems Inc.
00-05-04Naray Information & Communication Enterprise
00-05-05Systems Integration Solutions Inc.
00-05-06Reddo Networks AB
00-05-07Fine Appliance Corp.
00-05-08Inetcam Inc.
00-05-09AVOC Nishimura Ltd.
00-05-0AICS Spa
00-05-0BSICOM Systems Inc.
00-05-0CNetwork Photonics Inc.
00-05-0DMidstream Technologies Inc.
00-05-0E3ware Inc.
00-05-0FTanaka S/S Ltd.
00-05-10Infinite Shanghai Communication Terminals Ltd.
00-05-11Complementary Technologies Ltd
00-05-12MeshNetworks Inc.
00-05-13VTLinx Multimedia Systems Inc.
00-05-14KDT Systems Co. Ltd.
00-05-15Nuark Co. Ltd.
00-05-16SMART Modular Technologies
00-05-17Shellcomm Inc.
00-05-18Jupiters Technology
00-05-19Siemens Building Technologies AG
00-05-1A3Com Europe Ltd.
00-05-1BMagic Control Technology Corporation
00-05-1CXnet Technology Corp.
00-05-1DAirocon Inc.
00-05-1EBrocade Communications Systems Inc.
00-05-1FTaijin Media Co. Ltd.
00-05-20Smartronix Inc.
00-05-21Control Microsystems
00-05-22LEA*D Corporation Inc.
00-05-23AVL List GmbH
00-05-24BTL System (HK) Limited
00-05-25Puretek Industrial Co. Ltd.
00-05-26IPAS GmbH
00-05-27SJ Tek Co. Ltd
00-05-28New Focus Inc.
00-05-29Shanghai Broadan Communication Technology Co. Ltd
00-05-2AIkegami Tsushinki Co. Ltd.
00-05-2BHORIBA Ltd.
00-05-2CSupreme Magic Corporation
00-05-2DZoltrix International Limited
00-05-2ECinta Networks
00-05-2FLeviton Voice and Data
00-05-30Andiamo Systems Inc.
00-05-31Cisco Systems Inc.
00-05-32Cisco Systems Inc.
00-05-33Sanera Systems Inc.
00-05-34Northstar Engineering Ltd.
00-05-35Chip PC Ltd.
00-05-36Danam Communications Inc.
00-05-37Nets Technology Co. Ltd.
00-05-38Merilus Inc.
00-05-39A Brand New World in Sweden AB
00-05-3AWillowglen Services Pte Ltd
00-05-3BHarbour Networks Ltd. Co. Beijing
00-05-3DAgere Systems
00-05-3EKID Systeme GmbH
00-05-3FVisionTek Inc.
00-05-40FAST Corporation
00-05-41Advanced Systems Co. Ltd.
00-05-42Otari Inc.
00-05-43IQ Wireless GmbH
00-05-44Valley Technologies Inc.
00-05-45Internet Photonics
00-05-46K-Solutions Inc.
00-05-47Starent Networks
00-05-48Disco Corporation
00-05-49Salira Optical Network Systems
00-05-4AArio Data Networks Inc.
00-05-4BMicro Innovation AG
00-05-4CRF Innovations Pty Ltd
00-05-4DBrans Technologies Inc.
00-05-4EPhilips Components
00-05-4FDigi-Tech Communications Limited 000550
00-05-51F & S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
00-05-52Xycotec Computer GmbH
00-05-53DVC Company Inc.
00-05-54Rangestar Wireless
00-05-55Japan Cash Machine Co. Ltd.
00-05-56360 Systems
00-05-57Agile TV Corporation
00-05-58Synchronous Inc.
00-05-59Intracom S.A.
00-05-5APower Dsine Ltd.
00-05-5BCharles Industries Ltd.
00-05-5CKowa Company Ltd.
00-05-5DD-Link Systems Inc.
00-05-5ECisco Systems Inc.
00-05-5FCisco Systems Inc.
00-05-61nac Image Technology Inc.
00-05-62Digital View Limited
00-05-63J-Works Inc.
00-05-64Tsinghua Bitway Co. Ltd.
00-05-65Tailyn Communication Company Ltd. Corporation
00-05-67Etymonic Design Inc.
00-05-68Piltofish Networks AB
00-05-69VMWARE Inc.
00-05-6AHeuft Systemtechnik GmbH
00-05-6BC.P. Technology Co. Ltd.
00-05-6CHung Chang Co. Ltd.
00-05-6DPacific Corporation
00-05-6ENational Enhance Technology Inc.
00-05-6FInnomedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
00-05-70Baydel Ltd.
00-05-71Seiwa Electronics Co.
00-05-72Deonet Co. Ltd.
00-05-73Cisco Systems Inc.
00-05-74Cisco Systems Inc.
00-05-75CDS-Electronics BV
00-05-76NSM Technology Ltd.
00-05-77SM Information & Communication
00-05-78Universal Control Solution Corp. 000579
00-05-7AHatteras Networks
00-05-7BChung Nam Electronic Co. Ltd.
00-05-7CRCO Security AB
00-05-7DSun Communications Inc.
00-05-7EEckelmann Steuerungstechnik GmbH
00-05-7FAcqis Technology
00-05-80Fibrolan Ltd.
00-05-81Snell & Wilcox Ltd.
00-05-82ClearCube Technology
00-05-83ImageCom Limited
00-05-84AbsoluteValue Systems Inc.
00-05-85Juniper Networks Inc.
00-05-86Lucent Technologies
00-05-87Locus Incorporated
00-05-88Sensoria Corp.
00-05-89National Datacomputer
00-05-8ANetcom Co. Ltd.
00-05-8BIPmental Inc.
00-05-8COpentech Inc.
00-05-8DLynx Photonic Networks Inc.
00-05-8EFlextronics International GmbH & Co. Nfg. KG
00-05-8FCLCsoft co.
00-05-90Swissvoice Ltd.
00-05-91Active Silicon Ltd.
00-05-92Pultek Corp.
00-05-93Grammar Engine Inc.
00-05-94IXXAT Automation GmbH
00-05-95Alesis Corporation
00-05-96Genotech Co. Ltd.
00-05-97Eagle Traffic Control Systems
00-05-98CRONOS S.r.l.
00-05-99DRS Test and Energy Management or DRS-TEM
00-05-9ACisco Systems Inc.
00-05-9BCisco Systems Inc.
00-05-9CKleinknecht GmbH Ing. Buero
00-05-9DDaniel Computing Systems Inc.
00-05-9EZinwell Corporation
00-05-9FYotta Networks Inc.
00-05-A0MOBILINE Kft.
00-05-A2CELOX Networks
00-05-A3QEI Inc.
00-05-A4Lucid Voice Ltd.
00-05-A6Extron Electronics
00-05-A7Hyperchip Inc.
00-05-A9Princeton Networks Inc.
00-05-AAMoore Industries International Inc.
00-05-ABCyber Fone Inc.
00-05-ACNorthern Digital Inc.
00-05-ADTopspin Communications Inc.
00-05-AEMediaport USA
00-05-AFInnoScan Computing A/S
00-05-B0Korea Computer Technology Co. Ltd.
00-05-B1ASB Technology BV
00-05-B2Medison Co. Ltd.
00-05-B3Asahi-Engineering Co. Ltd.
00-05-B4Aceex Corporation
00-05-B5Broadcom Technologies
00-05-B6INSYS Microelectronics GmbH
00-05-B7Arbor Technology Corp.
00-05-B8Electronic Design Associates Inc.
00-05-B9Airvana Inc.
00-05-BAArea Netwoeks Inc.
00-05-BBMyspace AB
00-05-BCResorsys Ltd.
00-05-BEKongsberg Seatex AS
00-05-BFJustEzy Technology Inc.
00-05-C0Digital Network Alacarte Co. Ltd.
00-05-C1A-Kyung Motion Inc.
00-05-C2Soronti Inc.
00-05-C3Pacific Instruments Inc.
00-05-C4Telect Inc.
00-05-C5Flaga HF
00-05-C6Triz Communications
00-05-C7I/F-COM A/S
00-05-C9LG Innotek
00-05-CAHitron Technology Inc.
00-05-CBROIS Technologies Inc.
00-05-CCSumtel Communications Inc.
00-05-CDDenon Ltd.
00-05-CEProlink Microsystems Corporation
00-05-CFThunder River Technologies Inc.
00-05-D0Solinet Systems
00-05-D1Metavector Technologies
00-05-D2DAP Technologies
00-05-D3eProduction Solutions Inc.
00-05-D4FutureSmart Networks Inc.
00-05-D5Speedcom Wireless
00-05-D6Titan Wireless
00-05-D7Vista Imaging Inc.
00-05-D8Arescom Inc.
00-05-D9Techno Valley Inc.
00-05-DAApex Automationstechnik
00-05-DBNentec GmbH
00-05-DCCisco Systems Inc.
00-05-DDCisco Systems Inc.
00-05-DEGi Fone Korea Inc.
00-05-DFElectronic Innovation Inc.
00-05-E0Empirix Corp.
00-05-E1Trellis Photonics Ltd.
00-05-E2Creativ Network Technologies
00-05-E3LightSand Communications Inc.
00-05-E4Red Lion Controls L.P.
00-05-E5Renishaw PLC
00-05-E6Egenera Inc.
00-05-E7Netrake Corp.
00-05-E8TurboWave Inc.
00-05-E9Unicess Network Inc.
00-05-EBBlue Ridge Networks Inc.
00-05-ECMosaic Systems Inc.
00-05-EDTechnikum Joanneum GmbH
00-05-EEBEWATOR Group
00-05-EFADOIR Digital Technology
00-05-F1Vrcom Inc.
00-05-F2Power R Inc.
00-05-F4System Base Co. Ltd.
00-05-F5OYO Geospace Corp.
00-05-F6Young Chang Co. Ltd.
00-05-F7Analog Devices Inc.
00-05-F8Real Time Access Inc.
00-05-F9TOA Corporation
00-05-FAIPOptical Inc.
00-05-FBShareGate Inc.
00-05-FCSchenck Pegasus Corp.
00-05-FDPacketLight Networks Ltd.
00-05-FETraficon N.V.
00-05-FFSNS Solutions Inc.
00-06-00Tokyo Electronic Industry Co. Ltd.
00-06-01Otanikeiki Co. Ltd.
00-06-02Cirkitech Electronics Co.
00-06-03Baker Hughes Inc.
00-06-04@Track Communications Inc.
00-06-05Inncom International Inc.
00-06-06RapidWAN Inc.
00-06-07Omni Directional Control Technology Inc.
00-06-08At-Sky SAS
00-06-09Crossport Systems
00-06-0BPaceline Systems Corporation
00-06-0CMelco Industries Inc.
00-06-0DWave7 Optics
00-06-0EIGYS Systems Inc.
00-06-0FNarad Networks Inc
00-06-10Abeona Networks Inc
00-06-11Zeus Wireless Inc.
00-06-12Accusys Inc.
00-06-13Kawasaki Microelectronics Incorporated
00-06-14Prism Holdings
00-06-15Kimoto Electric Co. Ltd.

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