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» Networking Resource Kit for .NET
» Migrating VB6 Winsock to VB.NET
» Migrating C++ sockets to C#
» RFC Reference guide
» COM Reference guide
» WMI Reference guide
» SQL stored procedures
» TCP & UDP port reference
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» Ethernet Type codes
» MAC address assignments
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MAC address assignments by manufacturer

MAC (Media access control) codes are six byte numbers which uniquely identify network hardware. They are sent as part of the ethernet frame header. It is possible, using the list below to identify the manufacturer of a given network device, and a simple packet capture program, such as described in chapter 13 of Network programming in .NET to view what types of hardware are communicating on your network. This could be particularly useful if you are concerned that a third party may be using your network without your knowledge.

00-06-17Redswitch Inc.
00-06-18DigiPower Manufacturing Inc.
00-06-19Connection Technology Systems
00-06-1AZetari Inc.
00-06-1BPortable Systems IBM Japan Co Ltd
00-06-1CHoshino Metal Industries Ltd.
00-06-1DMIP Telecom Inc.
00-06-1EMaxan Systems
00-06-1FVision Components GmbH
00-06-20Serial System Ltd.
00-06-21Hinox Co. Ltd.
00-06-22Chung Fu Chen Yeh Enterprise Corp.
00-06-23MGE UPS Systems France
00-06-24Gentner Communications Corp.
00-06-25The Linksys Group Inc.
00-06-26MWE GmbH
00-06-27Uniwide Technologies Inc.
00-06-28Cisco Systems Inc.
00-06-2ACisco Systems Inc.
00-06-2CNetwork Robots Inc.
00-06-2DTouchStar Technologies L.L.C.
00-06-2EAristos Logic Corp.
00-06-2FPivotech Systems Inc.
00-06-30Adtranz Sweden
00-06-31Optical Solutions Inc.
00-06-32Mesco Engineering GmbH
00-06-33Heimann Biometric Systems GmbH
00-06-34GTE Airfone Inc.
00-06-35PacketAir Networks Inc.
00-06-36Jedai Broadband Networks
00-06-37Toptrend-Meta Information (ShenZhen) Inc.
00-06-38Sungjin C&C Co. Ltd.
00-06-3ADura Micro Inc.
00-06-3BArcturus Networks Inc.
00-06-3CNMI Electronics Ltd
00-06-3DMicrowave Data Systems Inc.
00-06-3EOpthos Inc.
00-06-3FEverex Communications Inc.
00-06-40White Rock Networks
00-06-42Genetel Systems Inc.
00-06-43SONO Computer Co. Ltd.
00-06-44NEIX Inc.
00-06-45Meisei Electric Co. Ltd.
00-06-46ShenZhen XunBao Network Technology Co Ltd
00-06-47Etrali S.A.
00-06-48Seedsware Inc.
00-06-4AHoneywell Co. Ltd. (KOREA)
00-06-4BAlexon Co. Ltd.
00-06-4CInvicta Networks Inc.
00-06-4EBroad Net Technology Inc.
00-06-4FPRO-NETS Technology Corporation
00-06-50Tiburon Networks Inc.
00-06-51Aspen Networks Inc.
00-06-52Cisco Systems Inc.
00-06-53Cisco Systems Inc.
00-06-54Maxxio Technologies
00-06-55Yipee Inc.
00-06-56Tactel AB
00-06-57Market Central Inc.
00-06-58Helmut Fischer GmbH & Co. KG
00-06-59EAL (Apeldoorn) B.V.
00-06-5AStrix Systems
00-06-5BDell Computer Corp.
00-06-5CMalachite Technologies Inc.
00-06-5DHeidelberg Web Systems
00-06-5EPhoturis Inc.
00-06-5FECI Telecom - NGTS Ltd.
00-06-60NADEX Co. Ltd.
00-06-61NIA Home Technologies Corp.
00-06-62MBM Technology Ltd.
00-06-63Human Technology Co. Ltd.
00-06-64Fostex Corporation
00-06-65Sunny Giken Inc.
00-06-66Roving Networks
00-06-67Tripp Lite
00-06-68Vicon Industries Inc.
00-06-69Datasound Laboratories Ltd
00-06-6AInfiniCon Systems Inc.
00-06-6BSysmex Corporation
00-06-6CRobinson Corporation
00-06-6DCompuprint S.P.A.
00-06-6EDelta Electronics Inc.
00-06-6FKorea Data Systems
00-06-70Upponetti Oy
00-06-71Softing AG
00-06-73Optelecom Inc.
00-06-74Spectrum Control Inc.
00-06-75Banderacom Inc.
00-06-76Novra Technologies Inc.
00-06-77SICK AG
00-06-78Marantz Japan Inc.
00-06-79Konami Corporation
00-06-7AJMP Systems
00-06-7BToplink C&C Corporation
00-06-7DTakasago Ltd.
00-06-7EWinCom Systems Inc.
00-06-7FRearden Steel Technologies
00-06-80Card Access Inc.
00-06-81Goepel Electronic GmbH
00-06-83Bravara Communications Inc.
00-06-84Biacore AB
00-06-85NetNearU Corporation
00-06-86ZARDCOM Co. Ltd.
00-06-87Omnitron Systems Technology Inc.
00-06-88Telways Communication Co. Ltd.
00-06-89yLez Technologies Pte Ltd
00-06-8ANeuronNet Co. Ltd. R&D Center
00-06-8BAirRunner Technologies Inc.
00-06-8C3Com Corporation
00-06-8DSANgate Systems
00-06-8EHID Corporation
00-06-8FTelemonitor Inc.
00-06-90Euracom Communication GmbH
00-06-91PT Inovacao
00-06-92Intruvert Networks Inc.
00-06-93Flexus Computer Technology Inc.
00-06-94Mobillian Corporation
00-06-95Ensure Technologies Inc.
00-06-96Advent Networks
00-06-97R & D Center
00-06-98egnite Software GmbH
00-06-99Vida Design Co.
00-06-9Ae & Tel
00-06-9BAVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH
00-06-9CTransmode Systems AB
00-06-9DPetards Mobile Intelligence
00-06-9EUNIQA Inc.
00-06-9FKuokoa Networks
00-06-A0Mx Imaging
00-06-A1Celsian Technologies Inc.
00-06-A2Microtune Inc.
00-06-A3Bitran Corporation
00-06-A4INNOWELL Corp.
00-06-A5PINON Corp.
00-06-A6Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd
00-06-A8KC Technology Inc.
00-06-A9Universal Instruments Corp.
00-06-AAMiltope Corporation
00-06-ABW-Link Systems Inc.
00-06-ACIntersoft Co.
00-06-ADKB Electronics Ltd.
00-06-AEHimachal Futuristic Communications Ltd
00-06-AFComtech EF Data Corp. 0006B0
00-06-B2Linxtek Co.
00-06-B3Diagraph Corporation
00-06-B4Vorne Industries Inc.
00-06-B5Luminent Inc.
00-06-B6Nir-Or Israel Ltd.
00-06-B7TELEM GmbH
00-06-B8Bandspeed Pty Ltd
00-06-B9A5TEK Corp.
00-06-BAWestwave Communications
00-06-BBATI Technologies Inc.
00-06-BCMacrolink Inc.
00-06-BEBaumer Optronic GmbH
00-06-BFAccella Technologies Co. Ltd.
00-06-C0United Internetworks Inc.
00-06-C2Smartmatic Corporation
00-06-C3Schindler Elevators Ltd.
00-06-C4Piolink Inc.
00-06-C5INNOVI Technologies Limited
00-06-C6lesswire AG
00-06-C7RFNET Technologies Pte Ltd (S)
00-06-C8Sumitomo Metal Micro Devices Inc.
00-06-C9Technical Marketing Research Inc.
00-06-CAAmerican Computer & Digital Components Inc. (ACDC)
00-06-CBJotron Electronics A/S
00-06-CCJMI Electronics Co. Ltd.
00-06-CDCreoScitex Corporation Ltd.
00-06-CFThales Avionics In-Flight Systems LLC
00-06-D0Elgar Electronics Corp.
00-06-D1Tahoe Networks Inc.
00-06-D2Tundra Semiconductor Corp.
00-06-D3Alpha Telecom Inc. U.S.A.
00-06-D4Interactive Objects Inc.
00-06-D5Diamond Systems Corp.
00-06-D6Cisco Systems Inc.
00-06-D7Cisco Systems Inc.
00-06-D8Maple Optical Systems
00-06-D9IPM-Net S.p.A.
00-06-DAITRAN Communications Ltd.
00-06-DBICHIPS Co. Ltd.
00-06-DCSyabas Technology (Amquest)
00-06-DDAT & T Laboratories - Cambridge Ltd
00-06-DEFlash Technology
00-06-DFAIDONIC Corporation
00-06-E0MAT Co. Ltd.
00-06-E1Techno Trade s.a
00-06-E2Ceemax Technology Co. Ltd.
00-06-E3Quantitative Imaging Corporation
00-06-E4Citel Technologies Ltd.
00-06-E5Fujian Newland Computer Ltd. Co.
00-06-E6DongYang Telecom Co. Ltd.
00-06-E7Bit Blitz Communications Inc.
00-06-E8Optical Network Testing Inc.
00-06-E9Intime Corp.
00-06-EAELZET80 Mikrocomputer GmbH&Co. KG
00-06-EBGlobal Data
00-06-ECM/A COM Private Radio System Inc.
00-06-EDInara Networks
00-06-EEShenyang Neu-era Information & Technology Stock Co. Ltd
00-06-EFMaxxan Systems Inc.
00-06-F0Digeo Inc.
00-06-F2Platys Communications
00-06-F3AcceLight Networks
00-06-F4Prime Electronics & Satellitics Inc.
00-06-F8Mitsui Zosen Systems Research Inc. 0006F9
00-06-FAIP SQUARE Co Ltd.
00-06-FBHitachi Printing Solutions Ltd.
00-06-FCFnet Co. Ltd.
00-06-FDComjet Information Systems Corp.
00-06-FECelion Networks Inc.
00-06-FFSheba Systems Co. Ltd.
00-07-00Zettamedia Korea
00-07-02Varian Medical Systems
00-07-03CSEE Transport
00-07-05Endress & Hauser GmbH & Co
00-07-06Sanritz Corporation
00-07-07Interalia Inc.
00-07-08Bitrage Inc.
00-07-09Westerstrand Urfabrik AB
00-07-0AUnicom Automation Co. Ltd.
00-07-0BOctal SA Co. Ltd.
00-07-0DCisco Systems Inc.
00-07-0ECisco Systems Inc.
00-07-0FFujant Inc.
00-07-10Adax Inc.
00-07-12JAL Information Technology
00-07-13IP One Inc.
00-07-15General Research of Electronics Inc.
00-07-16J & S Marine Ltd.
00-07-17Wieland Electric GmbH
00-07-18iCanTek Co. Ltd.
00-07-19Mobiis Co. Ltd.
00-07-1AFinedigital Inc.
00-07-1BPosition Technology Inc.
00-07-1CAT&T Fixed Wireless Services
00-07-1DSatelsa Sistemas Y Aplicaciones De Telecomunicaciones S.A.
00-07-1ETri-M Engineering / Nupak Dev. Corp.
00-07-1FEuropean Systems Integration
00-07-20Trutzschler GmbH & Co. KG
00-07-21Formac Elektronik GmbH
00-07-22Nielsen Media Research
00-07-23ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH
00-07-24Telemax Co. Ltd.
00-07-25Bematech International Corp.
00-07-27Zi Corporation (HK) Ltd.
00-07-28Neo Telecom
00-07-29Kistler Instrumente AG
00-07-2AInnovance Networks
00-07-2BJung Myung Telecom Co. Ltd.
00-07-2ENorth Node AB
00-07-2FInstransa Inc.
00-07-30Hutchison OPTEL Telecom Technology Co. Ltd.
00-07-31Spiricon Inc.
00-07-32AAEON Technology Inc.
00-07-33DANCONTROL Engineering
00-07-34ONStor Inc.
00-07-35Flarion Technologies Inc.
00-07-36Data Video Technologies Co. Ltd.
00-07-37Soriya Co. Ltd.
00-07-38Young Technology Co. Ltd.
00-07-39Motion Media Technology Ltd.
00-07-3AInventel Systemes
00-07-3BTenovis GmbH & Co KG
00-07-3CTelecom Design
00-07-3DNanjing Postel Telecommunications Co. Ltd.
00-07-3EChina Great-Wall Computer Shenzhen Co. Ltd.
00-07-3FWoojyun Systec Co. Ltd.
00-07-40Melco Inc.
00-07-41Sierra Automated Systems
00-07-42Current Technologies
00-07-43Chelsio Communications
00-07-44Unico Inc.
00-07-45Radlan Computer Communications Ltd.
00-07-46Interlink BT LLC
00-07-48The Imaging Source Europe
00-07-49CENiX Inc.
00-07-4ACarl Valentin GmbH
00-07-4BDaihen Corporation
00-07-4CBeicom Inc.
00-07-4DZebra Technologies Corp.
00-07-4ENaughty boy co. Ltd.
00-07-4FCisco Systems Inc.
00-07-50Cisco Systems Inc.
00-07-51m.u.t. - GmbH
00-07-52Rhythm Watch Co. Ltd.
00-07-53Beijing Qxcomm Technology Co. Ltd.
00-07-54Xyterra Computing Inc.
00-07-55Lafon SA
00-07-56Juyoung Telecom
00-07-57Topcall International AG
00-07-59Boris Manufacturing Corp.
00-07-5AAir Products and Chemicals Inc.
00-07-5BGibson Guitars
00-07-5CENCAD Inc.
00-07-5DCelleritas Inc.
00-07-5EPulsar Technologies Inc.
00-07-5FVCS Video Communication Systems AG
00-07-60TOMIS Information & Telecom Corp.
00-07-61Logitech SA
00-07-62Group Sense Limited
00-07-63Sunniwell Cyber Tech. Co. Ltd.
00-07-64YoungWoo Telecom Co. Ltd.
00-07-65Jade Quantum Technologies Inc.
00-07-66Chou Chin Industrial Co. Ltd.
00-07-67Yuxing Electronics Company Limited
00-07-68Danfoss A/S
00-07-69Italiana Macchi SpA
00-07-6ANEXTEYE Co. Ltd.
00-07-6BStralfors AB
00-07-6CDaehanet Inc.
00-07-6DFlexlight Networks
00-07-6ESinetica Corporation Ltd.
00-07-6FSynoptics Limited
00-07-70Locusnetworks Corporation
00-07-71Embedded System Corporation
00-07-72Alcatel Shanghai Bell Co. Ltd.
00-07-73Ascom Powerline Communications Ltd.
00-07-74GuangZhou Thinker Technology Co. Ltd.
00-07-75Valence Semiconductor Inc.
00-07-76Federal APD
00-07-77Motah Ltd.
00-07-78GERSTEL GmbH & Co. KG
00-07-79Sungil Telecom Co. Ltd.
00-07-7AInfoware System Co. Ltd.
00-07-7BMillimetrix Broadband Networks
00-07-7COnTime Networks
00-07-7EElrest GmbH
00-07-7FJ Communications Co. Ltd.
00-07-80Bluegiga Technologies OY
00-07-81Itron Inc.
00-07-82Nauticus Networks Inc.
00-07-83SynCom Network Inc.
00-07-84Cisco Systems Inc.
00-07-85Cisco Systems Inc.
00-07-86Wireless Networks Inc.
00-07-87Idea System Co. Ltd.
00-07-88Clipcomm Inc.
00-07-89Eastel Systems Corporation
00-07-8AMentor Data System Inc.
00-07-8BWegener Communications Inc.
00-07-8CElektronikspecialisten i Borlange AB
00-07-8DNetEngines Ltd.
00-07-8EGarz & Friche GmbH
00-07-8FEmkay Innovative Products
00-07-90Tri-M Technologies (s) Limited
00-07-91International Data Communications Inc.
00-07-92Suetron Electronic GmbH
00-07-93Shin Satellite Public Company Limited
00-07-94Simple Devices Inc.
00-07-95Elitegroup Computer System Co. (ECS)
00-07-96LSI Systems Inc.
00-07-97Netpower Co. Ltd.
00-07-98Selea SRL
00-07-99Tipping Point Technologies Inc.
00-07-9ASmartSight Networks Inc.
00-07-9BAurora Networks
00-07-9CGolden Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.
00-07-9DMusashi Co. Ltd.
00-07-9EIlinx Co. Ltd.
00-07-9FAction Digital Inc.
00-07-A0e-Watch Inc.
00-07-A1VIASYS Healthcare GmbH
00-07-A2Opteon Corporation
00-07-A3Ositis Software Inc.
00-07-A4GN Netcom Ltd.
00-07-A5Y.D.K Co. Ltd.
00-07-A6Home Automation Inc.
00-07-A7A-Z Inc.
00-07-A8Haier Group Technologies Ltd.
00-07-AAQuantum Data Inc.
00-07-ADPentacon GmbH Foto-und Feinwerktechnik
00-07-AELayer N Networks
00-07-AFN-Tron Corp.
00-07-B0Office Details Inc.
00-07-B1Equator Technologies
00-07-B2Transaccess S.A.
00-07-B3Cisco Systems Inc.
00-07-B4Cisco Systems Inc.
00-07-B5Any One Wireless Ltd.
00-07-B6Telecom Technology Ltd.
00-07-B7Samurai Ind. Prods Eletronicos Ltda
00-07-B8American Predator Corp.
00-07-B9Ginganet Corporation
00-07-BAXebeo Communications Inc.
00-07-BBCandera Inc.
00-07-BCIdentix Inc.
00-07-BDRadionet Ltd.
00-07-BEDataLogic SpA
00-07-BFArmillaire Technologies Inc.
00-07-C0NetZerver Inc.
00-07-C1Overture Networks Inc.
00-07-C2Netsys Telecom
00-07-C4JEAN Co. Ltd.
00-07-C5Gcom Inc.
00-07-C6VDS Vosskuhler GmbH
00-07-C7Synectics Systems Limited
00-07-C8Brain21 Inc.
00-07-C9Technol Seven Co. Ltd.
00-07-CACreatix Polymedia Ges Fur Kommunikaitonssysteme
00-07-CBFreebox SA
00-07-CCKaba Benzing GmbH
00-07-CDNMTEL Co. Ltd.
00-07-CECabletime Limited
00-07-CFAnoto AB
00-07-D0Automat Engenharia de Automaoa Ltda.
00-07-D1Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
00-07-D2Logopak Systeme
00-07-D3Stork Digital Imaging B.V.
00-07-D4Zhejiang Yutong Network Communication Co Ltd.
00-07-D53e Technologies Int;. Inc.
00-07-D6Commil Ltd.
00-07-D7Caporis Networks AG
00-07-D8Hitron Systems Inc.
00-07-DANeuro Telecom Co. Ltd.
00-07-DBKirana Networks Inc.
00-07-DCAtek Co Ltd.
00-07-DDCradle Technologies
00-07-DEeCopilt AB
00-07-DFVbrick Systems Inc.
00-07-E0Palm Inc.
00-07-E1WIS Communications Co. Ltd.
00-07-E2Bitworks Inc.
00-07-E3Navcom Technology Inc.
00-07-E4SoftRadio Co. Ltd.
00-07-E5Coup Corporation
00-07-E6edgeflow Canada Inc.
00-07-E7FreeWave Technologies
00-07-E8St. Bernard Software
00-07-E9Intel Corporation
00-07-EAMassana Inc.
00-07-EBCisco Systems Inc.
00-07-ECCisco Systems Inc.
00-07-EDAltera Corporation
00-07-EEtelco Informationssysteme GmbH
00-07-EFLockheed Martin Tactical Systems
00-07-F0LogiSync Corporation
00-07-F1TeraBurst Networks Inc.
00-07-F2IOA Corporation
00-07-F3Think Engine Networks
00-07-F4Eletex Co. Ltd.
00-07-F5Bridgeco Co AG
00-07-F6Qqest Software Systems
00-07-F8ITDevices Inc.
00-07-F9Phonetics Inc.
00-07-FAITT Co. Ltd.
00-07-FBGiga Stream UMTS Technologies GmbH
00-07-FCAdept Systems Inc.
00-07-FDLANergy Ltd.
00-07-FERigaku Corporation
00-07-FFGluon Networks
00-08-01HighSpeed Surfing Inc.
00-08-02Compaq Computer Corporation
00-08-03Cos Tron
00-08-04ICA Inc.
00-08-05Techno-Holon Corporation
00-08-06Raonet Systems Inc.
00-08-07Access Devices Limited
00-08-08PPT Vision Inc.
00-08-09Systemonic AG
00-08-0AEspera-Werke GmbH
00-08-0BBirka BPA Informationssystem AB
00-08-0CVDA elettronica SrL
00-08-0EMotorola BCS
00-08-0FProximion Fiber Optics AB
00-08-10Key Technology Inc.
00-08-11VOIX Corporation
00-08-12GM-2 Corporation
00-08-13Diskbank Inc.
00-08-14TIL Technologies
00-08-15CATS Co. Ltd.
00-08-16Bluetags A/S
00-08-17EmergeCore Networks LLC
00-08-18Pixelworks Inc.
00-08-1ASanrad Intelligence Storage Communications (2000) Ltd.
00-08-1BWindigo Systems
00-08-1DIpsil Incorporated
00-08-1ERepeatit AB
00-08-1FPou Yuen Tech Corp. Ltd.
00-08-20Cisco Systems Inc.
00-08-21Cisco Systems Inc.

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