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» RSA from first principles
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» Networking Resource Kit for .NET
» Migrating VB6 Winsock to VB.NET
» Migrating C++ sockets to C#
» RFC Reference guide
» COM Reference guide
» WMI Reference guide
» SQL stored procedures
» TCP & UDP port reference
» NET Framework reference
» Ethernet Type codes
» MAC address assignments
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MAC address assignments by manufacturer

MAC (Media access control) codes are six byte numbers which uniquely identify network hardware. They are sent as part of the ethernet frame header. It is possible, using the list below to identify the manufacturer of a given network device, and a simple packet capture program, such as described in chapter 13 of Network programming in .NET to view what types of hardware are communicating on your network. This could be particularly useful if you are concerned that a third party may be using your network without your knowledge.

00-02-0AGefran Spa
00-02-0BNative Networks Inc.
00-02-0ELaurel Networks Inc.
00-02-11Nature Worldwide Technology Corp.
00-02-15Cotas Computer Technology A/B
00-02-16Cisco Systems Inc.
00-02-17Cisco Systems Inc.
00-02-18Advanced Scientific Corp
00-02-19Paralon Technologies
00-02-1AZuma Networks
00-02-1CNetwork Elements Inc.
00-02-1DData General Communication Ltd.
00-02-1ESIMTEL S.R.L.
00-02-1FAculab PLC
00-02-20Canon Aptex Inc.
00-02-21DSP Application Ltd.
00-02-22Chromisys Inc.
00-02-24Lantern Communications Inc.
00-02-25Certus Technology Inc.
00-02-26XESystems Inc.
00-02-27ESD GmbH
00-02-28Necsom Ltd.
00-02-29Adtec Corporation
00-02-2AAsound Electronic
00-02-2BTamura Electric Works Ltd.
00-02-2CABB Bomem Inc.
00-02-2DAgere Systems
00-02-2ETEAC Corp. R& D
00-02-2FP-Cube Ltd.
00-02-30Intersoft Electronics
00-02-32Avision Inc.
00-02-33Mantra Communications Inc.
00-02-34Imperial Technology Inc.
00-02-35Paragon Networks International
00-02-36INIT GmbH
00-02-37Cosmo Research Corp.
00-02-38Serome Technology Inc.
00-02-3AZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH
00-02-3BRedback Networks
00-02-3CCreative Technology Ltd.
00-02-3DNuSpeed Inc.
00-02-3ESelta Telematica S.p.a
00-02-3FCompal Electronics Inc.
00-02-40Seedek Co. Ltd.
00-02-42Videoframe Systems
00-02-43Raysis Co. Ltd.
00-02-44SURECOM Technology Co.
00-02-45Lampus Co Ltd.
00-02-46All-Win Tech Co. Ltd.
00-02-47Great Dragon Information Technology (Group) Co. Ltd.
00-02-48Pilz GmbH & Co.
00-02-49Aviv Infocom Co Ltd.
00-02-4ACisco Systems Inc.
00-02-4BCisco Systems Inc.
00-02-4CSiByte Inc.
00-02-4DMannesman Dematic Colby Pty. Ltd.
00-02-4EDatacard Group
00-02-4FIPM Datacom S.R.L.
00-02-50Geyser Networks Inc.
00-02-51Soma Networks
00-02-52Carrier Corporation
00-02-53Televideo Inc.
00-02-55IBM Corporation
00-02-56Alpha Processor Inc.
00-02-57Microcom Corp.
00-02-58Flying Packets Communications
00-02-59Tsann Kuen China (Shanghai)Enterprise Co. Ltd. IT Group
00-02-5ACatena Networks
00-02-5BCambridge Silicon Radio
00-02-5CSCI Systems (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.
00-02-5DCalix Networks
00-02-5EHigh Technology Ltd
00-02-5FNortel Networks
00-02-60Accordion Networks Inc.
00-02-61i3 Micro Technology AB
00-02-62Soyo Group Soyo Com Tech Co. Ltd
00-02-63UPS Manufacturing SRL
00-02-65Virditech Co. Ltd.
00-02-66Thermalogic Corporation
00-02-68Harris Government Communications
00-02-69Nadatel Co. Ltd
00-02-6ACocess Telecom Co. Ltd.
00-02-6BBCM Computers Co. Ltd.
00-02-6CPhilips CFT
00-02-6DAdept Telecom
00-02-6ENeGeN Access Inc.
00-02-6FSenao International Co. Ltd.
00-02-70Crewave Co. Ltd.
00-02-71Vpacket Communications
00-02-72CC&C Technologies Inc.
00-02-73Coriolis Networks
00-02-74Tommy Technologies Corp.
00-02-75SMART Technologies Inc.
00-02-76Primax Electronics Ltd.
00-02-77Cash Systemes Industrie
00-02-78Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.
00-02-79Control Applications Ltd.
00-02-7AIOI Technology Corporation
00-02-7BAmplify Net Inc.
00-02-7CTrilithic Inc.
00-02-7DCisco Systems Inc.
00-02-7ECisco Systems Inc.
00-02-80Mu Net Inc.
00-02-81Madge Ltd.
00-02-82ViaClix Inc.
00-02-83Spectrum Controls Inc.
00-02-84Alstom T&D P&C
00-02-85Riverstone Networks
00-02-86Occam Networks
00-02-89DNE Technologies
00-02-8AAmbit Microsystems Corporation
00-02-8BVDSL Systems OY
00-02-8CMicrel-Synergy Semiconductor
00-02-8DMovita Technologies Inc.
00-02-8ERapid 5 Networks Inc.
00-02-8FGlobetek Inc.
00-02-90Woorigisool Inc.
00-02-91Open Network Co. Ltd.
00-02-92Logic Innovations Inc.
00-02-93Solid Data Systems
00-02-94Tokyo Sokushin Co. Ltd.
00-02-95IP.Access Limited
00-02-96Lectron Co . Ltd.
00-02-98Broadframe Corporation
00-02-99Apex Inc.
00-02-9AStorage Apps
00-02-9BKreatel Communications AB
00-02-9DMerix Corp.
00-02-9EInformation Equipment Co. Ltd.
00-02-9FL-3 Communication Aviation Recorders
00-02-A0Flatstack Ltd.
00-02-A1World Wide Packets
00-02-A2Hilscher GmbH
00-02-A3ABB Power Automation
00-02-A4AddPac Technology Co. Ltd.
00-02-A5Compaq Computer Corporation
00-02-A6Effinet Systems Co. Ltd.
00-02-A7Vivace Networks
00-02-A8Air Link Technology
00-02-A9RACOM s.r.o.
00-02-AAPLcom Co. Ltd.
00-02-ABCTC Union Technologies Co. Ltd.
00-02-AC3PAR data
00-02-ADPentax Corpotation
00-02-AEScannex Electronics Ltd.
00-02-AFTeleCruz Technology Inc.
00-02-B0Hokubu Communication & Industrial Co. Ltd.
00-02-B1Anritsu Ltd.
00-02-B3Intel Corporation
00-02-B5Avnet Inc.
00-02-B6Acrosser Technology Co. Ltd.
00-02-B7Watanabe Electric Industry Co. Ltd.
00-02-B9Cisco Systems Inc.
00-02-BACisco Systems Inc.
00-02-BBContinuous Computing
00-02-BCLVL 7 Systems Inc.
00-02-BDBionet Co. Ltd.
00-02-BETotsu Engineering Inc.
00-02-BFdotRocket Inc.
00-02-C0Bencent Tzeng Industry Co. Ltd.
00-02-C1Innovative Electronic Designs Inc.
00-02-C2Net Vision Telecom
00-02-C3Arelnet Ltd.
00-02-C4Vector International BUBA
00-02-C5Evertz Microsystems Ltd.
00-02-C6Data Track Technology PLC
00-02-C7ALPS ELECTRIC Co. Ltd.
00-02-C8Technocom Communications Technology (pte) Ltd
00-02-C9Mellanox Technologies
00-02-CAEndPoints Inc.
00-02-CBTriState Ltd.
00-02-CDTeleDream Inc.
00-02-CEFoxJet Inc.
00-02-CFZyGate Communications Inc.
00-02-D0Comdial Corporation
00-02-D1Vivotek Inc.
00-02-D2Workstation AG
00-02-D3NetBotz Inc.
00-02-D4PDA Peripherals Inc.
00-02-D6NICE Systems
00-02-D7EMPEG Ltd
00-02-D8BRECIS Communications Corporation
00-02-D9Reliable Controls
00-02-DAExiO Communications Inc.
00-02-DCFujitsu General Limited
00-02-DDBromax Communications Ltd.
00-02-DEAstrodesign Inc.
00-02-DFNet Com Systems Inc.
00-02-E0ETAS GmbH
00-02-E1Integrated Network Corporation
00-02-E2NDC Infared Engineering
00-02-E3LITE-ON Communications Inc.
00-02-E4JC HYUN Systems Inc.
00-02-E5Timeware Ltd.
00-02-E6Gould Instrument Systems Inc.
00-02-E7CAB GmbH & Co KG
00-02-E9CS Systemes De Securite - C3S
00-02-EAFocus Enhancements
00-02-EBPico Communications
00-02-ECMaschoff Design Engineering
00-02-EDDXO Telecom Co. Ltd.
00-02-EENokia Danmark A/S
00-02-EFCCC Network Systems Group Ltd.
00-02-F0AME Optimedia Technology Co. Ltd.
00-02-F1Pinetron Co. Ltd.
00-02-F2eDevice Inc.
00-02-F3Media Serve Co. Ltd.
00-02-F4PCTEL Inc.
00-02-F5VIVE Synergies Inc.
00-02-F6Equipe Communications
00-02-F8SEAKR Engineering Inc.
00-02-F9Mimos Semiconductor SDN BHD
00-02-FADX Antenna Co. Ltd.
00-02-FBBaumuller Aulugen-Systemtechnik GmbH
00-02-FCCisco Systems Inc.
00-02-FDCisco Systems Inc.
00-02-FEViditec Inc.
00-02-FFHandan BroadInfoCom
00-03-00NetContinuum Inc.
00-03-01Avantas Networks Corporation
00-03-02Charles Industries Ltd.
00-03-03JAMA Electronics Co. Ltd.
00-03-04Pacific Broadband Communications
00-03-05Smart Network Devices GmbH
00-03-06Fusion In Tech Co. Ltd.
00-03-07Secure Works Inc.
00-03-08AM Communications Inc.
00-03-09Texcel Technology PLC
00-03-0AArgus Technologies
00-03-0BHunter Technology Inc.
00-03-0CTelesoft Technologies Ltd.
00-03-0DUniwill Computer Corp.
00-03-0ECore Communications Co. Ltd.
00-03-0FDigital China (Shanghai) Networks Ltd.
00-03-10Link Evolution Corp.
00-03-11Micro Technology Co. Ltd.
00-03-12TR-Systemtechnik GmbH
00-03-13Access Media SPA
00-03-14Teleware Network Systems
00-03-15Cidco Incorporated
00-03-16Nobell Communications Inc.
00-03-17Merlin Systems Inc.
00-03-18Cyras Systems Inc.
00-03-19Infineon AG
00-03-1ABeijing Broad Telecom Ltd. China
00-03-1BCellvision Systems Inc.
00-03-1CSvenska Hardvarufabriken AB
00-03-1DTaiwan Commate Computer Inc.
00-03-1EOptranet Inc.
00-03-1FCondev Ltd.
00-03-20Xpeed Inc.
00-03-21Reco Research Co. Ltd.
00-03-22IDIS Co. Ltd.
00-03-23Cornet Technology Inc.
00-03-24SANYO Multimedia Tottori Co. Ltd.
00-03-25Arima Computer Corp.
00-03-26Iwasaki Information Systems Co. Ltd.
00-03-28Mace Group Inc.
00-03-29F3 Inc.
00-03-2AUniData Communication Systems Inc.
00-03-2BGAI Datenfunksysteme GmbH
00-03-2CABB Industrie AG
00-03-2DIBASE Technology Inc.
00-03-2EScope Information Management Ltd.
00-03-2FGlobal Sun Technology Inc.
00-03-30Imagenics Co. Ltd.
00-03-31Cisco Systems Inc.
00-03-32Cisco Systems Inc.
00-03-33Digitel Co. Ltd.
00-03-34Newport Electronics
00-03-35Mirae Technology
00-03-36Zetes Technologies
00-03-37Vaone Inc.
00-03-38Oak Technology
00-03-39Eurologic Systems Ltd.
00-03-3ASilicon Wave Inc.
00-03-3BTAMI Tech Co. Ltd.
00-03-3CDaiden Co. Ltd.
00-03-3DILSHin Lab
00-03-3ETateyama System Laboratory Co. Ltd.
00-03-3FBigBand Networks Ltd.
00-03-40Floware Wireless Systems Ltd.
00-03-41Axon Digital Design
00-03-42Nortel Networks
00-03-43Martin Professional A/S
00-03-44Tietech.Co. Ltd.
00-03-45Routrek Networks Corporation
00-03-46Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.
00-03-47Intel Corporation
00-03-48Norscan Instruments Ltd.
00-03-49Vidicode Datacommunicatie B.V.
00-03-4ARIAS Corporation
00-03-4BNortel Networks
00-03-4CShanghai DigiVision Technology Co. Ltd.
00-03-4DChiaro Networks Ltd.
00-03-4EPos Data Company Ltd.
00-03-4FSur-Gard Security
00-03-51Diebold Inc.
00-03-52Colubris Networks
00-03-53Mitac Inc.
00-03-54Fiber Logic Communications
00-03-55TeraBeam Internet Systems
00-03-56Wincor Nixdorf GmbH & Co KG
00-03-57Intervoice-Brite Inc.
00-03-58iCable System Co. Ltd.
00-03-5APhotron Limited
00-03-5BBridgeWave Communications
00-03-5CSaint Song Corp.
00-03-5DBosung Hi-Net Co. Ltd.
00-03-5EMetropolitan Area Networks Inc.
00-03-5FPrueftechnik Condition Monitoring GmbH & Co. KG
00-03-60PAC Interactive Technology Inc.
00-03-61Widcomm Inc.
00-03-62Vodtel Communications Inc.
00-03-63Miraesys Co. Ltd.
00-03-64Scenix Semiconductor Inc.
00-03-65Kira Information & Communications Ltd.
00-03-66ASM Pacific Technology
00-03-67Jasmine Networks Inc.
00-03-68Embedone Co. Ltd.
00-03-69Nippon Antenna Co. Ltd.
00-03-6AMainnet Ltd.
00-03-6BCisco Systems Inc.
00-03-6CCisco Systems Inc.
00-03-6DRuntop Inc.
00-03-6ENicon Systems (Pty) Limited
00-03-6FTelsey SPA
00-03-70NXTV Inc.
00-03-71Acomz Networks Corp.
00-03-73Aselsan A.S
00-03-74Hunter Watertech
00-03-75NetMedia Inc.
00-03-76Graphtec Technology Inc.
00-03-77Gigabit Wireless
00-03-78HUMAX Co. Ltd.
00-03-79Proscend Communications Inc.
00-03-7ATaiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.
00-03-7BIDEC IZUMI Corporation
00-03-7CCoax Media
00-03-7EPORTech Communications Inc.
00-03-7FAtheros Communications Inc.
00-03-80SSH Communications Security Corp.
00-03-81Ingenico International
00-03-82A-One Co. Ltd.
00-03-83Metera Networks Inc.
00-03-85Actelis Networks Inc.
00-03-86Ho Net Inc.
00-03-87Blaze Network Products
00-03-88Fastfame Technology Co. Ltd.
00-03-8AAmerica Online Inc.
00-03-8BPLUS-ONE I&T Inc.
00-03-8CTotal Impact
00-03-8DPCS Revenue Control Systems Inc.
00-03-8EAtoga Systems Inc.
00-03-8FWeinschel Corporation
00-03-90Digital Video Communications Inc.
00-03-91Advanced Digital Broadcast Ltd.
00-03-92Hyundai Teletek Co. Ltd.
00-03-93Apple Computer Inc.
00-03-94Connect One
00-03-95California Amplifier
00-03-96EZ Cast Co. Ltd.
00-03-97Watchfront Electronics
00-03-99Dongju Informations & Communications Co. Ltd.
00-03-9AnSine Ltd.
00-03-9BNetChip Technology Inc.
00-03-9COptiMight Communications Inc.
00-03-9ETera System Co. Ltd.
00-03-9FCisco Systems Inc.
00-03-A0Cisco Systems Inc.
00-03-A1HIPER Information & Communication Inc.
00-03-A2Catapult Communications
00-03-A3MAVIX Ltd.
00-03-A4Data Storage and Information Management
00-03-A5Medea Corporation
00-03-A6Traxit Technology Inc.
00-03-A7Unixtar Technology Inc.
00-03-A8IDOT Computers Inc.
00-03-A9AXCENT Media AG
00-03-ABBridge Information Systems
00-03-ACFronius Schweissmaschinen
00-03-ADEmerson Energy Systems AB
00-03-AEAllied Advanced Manufacturing Pte Ltd.
00-03-AFParagea Communications
00-03-B0Xsense Technology Corp.
00-03-B1Abbott Laboratories HPD
00-03-B3IA Link Systems Co. Ltd.
00-03-B4Macrotek International Corp.
00-03-B5Entra Technology Co.
00-03-B6QSI Corporation
00-03-B7ZACCESS Systems
00-03-B8NetKit Solutions LLC
00-03-B9Hualong Telecom Co. Ltd.
00-03-BASun Microsystems
00-03-BBSignal Communications Limited
00-03-BCCOT GmbH
00-03-BDOmniCluster Technologies Inc.
00-03-BFCenterpoint Broadband Technologies Inc.
00-03-C0RFTNC Co. Ltd.
00-03-C1Packet Dynamics Ltd
00-03-C2Solphone K.K.
00-03-C3Micronik Multimedia
00-03-C4Tomra Systems ASA
00-03-C5Mobotix AG
00-03-C6ICUE Systems Inc.
00-03-C7hopf Elektronik GmbH
00-03-C8CML Emergency Services
00-03-C9TECOM Co. Ltd.
00-03-CAMTS Systems Corp.
00-03-CBNippon Systems Development Co. Ltd.
00-03-CCMomentum Computer Inc.
00-03-CDClovertech Inc.
00-03-CEETEN Technologies Inc.
00-03-CFMuxcom Inc.
00-03-D0KOANKEISO Co. Ltd.
00-03-D1Takaya Corporation
00-03-D2Crossbeam Systems Inc.
00-03-D3Internet Energy Systems Inc.
00-03-D4Alloptic Inc.
00-03-D5Advanced Communications Co. Ltd.
00-03-D6RADVision Ltd.
00-03-D7NextNet Wireless Inc.
00-03-D8iMPath Networks Inc.
00-03-D9Secheron SA
00-03-DATakamisawa Cybernetics Co. Ltd.
00-03-DBApogee Electronics Corp.
00-03-DCLexar Media Inc.
00-03-DDComark Corp.
00-03-DEOTC Wireless
00-03-DFDesana Systems
00-03-E0RadioFrame Networks Inc.
00-03-E1Winmate Communication Inc.
00-03-E2Comspace Corporation
00-03-E3Cisco Systems Inc.
00-03-E4Cisco Systems Inc.
00-03-E5Hermstedt SG
00-03-E6Entone Technologies Inc.
00-03-E7Logostek Co. Ltd.
00-03-E8Wavelength Digital Limited
00-03-E9Akara Canada Inc.
00-03-EAMega System Technologies Inc.
00-03-ECICG Research Inc.
00-03-EDShinkawa Electric Co. Ltd.
00-03-EEMKNet Corporation
00-03-EFOneline AG
00-03-F0Redfern Broadband Networks
00-03-F1Cicada Semiconductor Inc.
00-03-F2Seneca Networks
00-03-F3Dazzle Multimedia Inc.
00-03-F6Allegro Networks Inc.
00-03-F7Plast-Control GmbH
00-03-F8SanCastle Technologies Inc.
00-03-F9Pleiades Communications Inc.
00-03-FATiMetra Networks
00-03-FBToko Seiki Company Ltd.
00-03-FCIntertex Data AB
00-03-FDCisco Systems Inc.
00-03-FECisco Systems Inc.
00-03-FFMicrosoft Corporation
00-04-01Osaki Electric Co. Ltd.
00-04-02Nexsan Technologies Ltd.
00-04-03Nexsi Corporation
00-04-04Makino Milling Machine Co. Ltd.
00-04-05ACN Technologies
00-04-06Fa. Metabox AG
00-04-07Topcon Positioning Systems Inc.
00-04-08Sanko Electronics Co. Ltd.
00-04-09Cratos Networks
00-04-0ASage Systems
00-04-0B3com Europe Ltd.
00-04-0CKANNO Work's Ltd.
00-04-0DAvaya Inc.

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