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12. “NoDelay” database inserts, with MSMQ & COM+

COM+ / MSMQ Queued components are a means by which methods written in .NET classes can be executed remotely and asynchronously, through the use of MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue). The benefit of this architecture is that the calling application does not need to wait for a response from the callee.

Like the “NoDelay” construct in MySQL, but unfortunately absent in Microsoft database implementations, such as SQL server or Access, this example permits a calling application to make an asynchronous database insert. This means that an application can make bulk database inserts without slowing down the client application, by delegating the task to MSMQ and COM+.

To use the application, type in DSN (Data source name) into the space provided and an Update or Insert SQL statement. Then press ‘execute’. The program will return immediately, and the message will be queued for execution in MSMQ. Then executed against the database by COM+ component services.

The underlying architecture of COM+, as the name would suggest is COM, however, through the use of .NET interop, it is possible to implement the system in .NET, using implicit RCW’s (Runtime Callable Wrappers)

(Source code availabile in the book Network Programming in .NET (Buy at Amazon UK) (Buy at Amazon US), No Screenshot available)

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