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» Windows API reference
» Webcam streaming in VB.NET
» Remoting with firewalls
» RSA from first principles
» Key & MouseLogger in .NET
» Networking Resource Kit for .NET
» Migrating VB6 Winsock to VB.NET
» Migrating C++ sockets to C#
» RFC Reference guide
» COM Reference guide
» WMI Reference guide
» SQL stored procedures
» TCP & UDP port reference
» NET Framework reference
» Ethernet Type codes
» MAC address assignments
» DLL entry point reference
» Boost SQL performance
» Free SMS UK
» Free SMS Ireland
» Free SMS South Africa
» Internet Explorer

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5.0 An open-source Wysiwyg HTML editor in .NET

A Wysiwyg (What you see is what you get) editor can be used to let even the most novice computer user create rich-HTML based pages for use in emails, web-sites, presentations, documents, and so forth.

To use this application, simply type into the window provided. To generate the HTML code, press the ‘Code’ button in the toolbar. You can reverse this action by pressing the ‘Design’ button. You can also switch between design & code without re-generating code by using the tabs provided underneath the main window. You can change the font style by selecting some text and pressing the Font button. Also, It is possible to set the Font colour by selecting text, and pressing the colour button. To insert an image, you can right click on the design view, and select ‘Insert Image’ from the context menu. Images can be positioned and scaled by clicking on them, and dragging the small markers at the edge of the image.

Beyond these simple editing techniques, you can use the following short-cut keys:

CTRL+B: Bold

CTRL+I: Italic

CTRL+K: Hyperlink

CTRL+N: New Window

CTRL+P: Print

CTRL+U: Underline

And all this in just about 50 lines of C# code!

(Source code availabile in the book Network Programming in .NET (Buy at Amazon UK) (Buy at Amazon US) , Chapter 4, Example 7)

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