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TCP & UDP well-known port reference for C# and Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)

Below is a list of well-known TCP and UDP ports used by everyday applications and services. Some of these ports are known to be used by viruses, and thus detection of heavy or regular pulses of traffic on these ports can indicate infected machines on a network. To find further information on common protocols, or read about ways of detecting such traffic on a network, the book Network programming in .NET should be of invaluable assistance.

Page 1 : ports 1 to 1500
Page 2 : ports 1500 to 2850
Page 3 : ports 2850 to 4300
Page 4 : ports 4300 to 65535

Port 4300 tcp/udp

Corel CCam. Uses corelccam service.

Port 4300 tcp


Port 4321 tcp/udp

Remote Who Is. Uses rwhois service.

Port 4321 tcp


Port 4333 tcp/udp


Port 4343 tcp/udp

UNICALL. Uses unicall service.

Port 4344 tcp/udp

VinaInstall. Uses vinainstall service.

Port 4345 tcp/udp

Macro 4 Network AS. Uses m4-network-as service.

Port 4346 tcp/udp

ELAN LM. Uses elanlm service.

Port 4347 tcp/udp

LAN Surveyor. Uses lansurveyor service.

Port 4348 tcp/udp

ITOSE. Uses itose service.

Port 4349 tcp/udp

File System Port Map. Uses fsportmap service.

Port 4350 tcp/udp

Net Device. Uses net-device service.

Port 4351 tcp/udp

PLCY Net Services. Uses plcy-net-svcs service.

Port 4353 tcp/udp

F5 iQuery. Uses f5-iquery service.

Port 4354 tcp/udp

QSNet Transmitter. Uses qsnet-trans service.

Port 4355 tcp/udp

QSNet Workstation. Uses qsnet-workst service.

Port 4356 tcp/udp

QSNet Assistant. Uses qsnet-assist service.

Port 4357 tcp/udp

QSNet Conductor. Uses qsnet-cond service.

Port 4358 tcp/udp

QSNet Nucleus. Uses qsnet-nucl service.

Port 4426 tcp/udp

SMARTS Beacon Port. Uses beacon-port-2 service.

Port 4432-4433 tcp/udp


Port 4442 tcp/udp

Saris. Uses saris service.

Port 4443 tcp/udp

Pharos. Uses pharos service.

Port 4443 tcp/udp

AOL Instant Messenger(thanx A. Cow)

Port 4444 tcp/udp

KRB524. Uses krb524 service.

Port 4444 tcp/udp

NV Video default. Uses nv-video service.

Port 4444 tcp/udp


Port 4445 tcp/udp

UPNOTIFYP. Uses upnotifyp service.

Port 4446 tcp/udp

N1-FWP. Uses n1-fwp service.

Port 4447 tcp/udp

N1-RMGMT. Uses n1-rmgmt service.

Port 4448 tcp/udp

ASC Licence Manager. Uses asc-slmd service.

Port 4449 tcp/udp

PrivateWire. Uses privatewire service.

Port 4450 tcp/udp

Camp. Uses camp service.

Port 4451 tcp/udp

CTI System Msg. Uses ctisystemmsg service.

Port 4452 tcp/udp

CTI Program Load. Uses ctiprogramload service.

Port 4453 tcp/udp

NSS Alert Manager. Uses nssalertmgr service.

Port 4454 tcp/udp

NSS Agent Manager. Uses nssagentmgr service.

Port 4455 tcp/udp

PR Chat User. Uses prchat-user service.

Port 4456 tcp/udp

PR Chat Server. Uses prchat-server service.

Port 4457 tcp/udp

PR Register. Uses prRegister service.

Port 4500 tcp/udp

Microsoft IPsec NAT-T. Uses ipsec-msft service.

Port 4501 tcp/udp

De-registered (2001 June 08)

Port 4527 tcp/udp


Port 4545 tcp/udp

WorldScores. Uses worldscores service.

Port 4546 tcp/udp

SF License Manager (Sentinel). Uses sf-lm service.

Port 4547 tcp/udp

Lanner License Manager. Uses lanner-lm service.

Port 4555 tcp/udp

RSIP Port. Uses rsip service.

Port 4559 tcp/udp

HylaFAX. Uses hylafax service.

Port 4567 tcp/udp

TRAM. Uses tram service.

Port 4567 tcp

File Nail

Port 4568 tcp/udp

BMC Reporting. Uses bmc-reporting service.

Port 4590 tcp

ICQ Trojan

Port 4600 tcp/udp

Piranha1. Uses piranha1 service.

Port 4601 tcp/udp

Piranha2. Uses piranha2 service.

Port 4627 tcp/udp


Port 4660 tcp/udp

smaclmgr. Uses smaclmgr service.

Port 4661 tcp/udp

Kar2ouche Peer location service. Uses kar2ouche service.

Port 4672 tcp/udp

remote file access server. Uses rfa service.

Port 4751 tcp/udp


Port 4752 tcp/udp

Simple Network Audio Protocol. Uses snap service.

Port 4800 tcp/udp

Icona Instant Messenging System. Uses iims service.

Port 4801 tcp/udp

Icona Web Embedded Chat. Uses iwec service.

Port 4802 tcp/udp

Icona License System Server. Uses ilss service.

Port 4827 tcp/udp

HTCP. Uses htcp service.

Port 4837 tcp/udp

Varadero-0. Uses varadero-0 service.

Port 4838 tcp/udp

Varadero-1. Uses varadero-1 service.

Port 4839 tcp/udp

Varadero-2. Uses varadero-2 service.

Port 4848 tcp/udp

App Server - Admin HTTP. Uses appserv-http service.

Port 4849 tcp/udp

App Server - Admin HTTPS. Uses appserv-https service.

Port 4868 tcp/udp

Photon Relay. Uses phrelay service.

Port 4869 tcp/udp

Photon Relay Debug. Uses phrelaydbg service.

Port 4885 tcp/udp

ABBS. Uses abbs service.

Port 4894 tcp/udp

LysKOM Protocol A. Uses lyskom service.

Port 4899 tcp/udp

RAdmin Port. Uses radmin-port service.

Port 4912 tcp


Port 4950 tcp

ICQ Trojan

Port 4983 tcp/udp

AT&T Intercom. Uses att-intercom service.

Port 4987 tcp/udp

SMAR Ethernet Port 1. Uses smar-se-port1 service.

Port 4988 tcp/udp

SMAR Ethernet Port 2. Uses smar-se-port2 service.

Port 4989 tcp/udp

Parallel for GAUSS (tm). Uses parallel service.

Port 4999 tcp/udp


Port 5000 tcp/udp

Sockets de Troie(A French Trojan Horse and virus)

Port 5000 tcp

Back Door Setup,Blazer5

Port 5001 tcp/udp

Sockets de Troie(A French Trojan Horse and virus)

Port 5002 tcp/udp

radio free ethernet. Uses rfe service.

Port 5002 tcp/udp

Shaft DDoS analysis

Port 5002 tcp


Port 5003 tcp

"FileMaker,Inc. - Proprietary transport". Uses fmpro-internal service.

Port 5003 udp

"FileMaker,Inc. - Proprietary name binding". Uses fmpro-internal service.

Port 5004 tcp/udp

avt-profile-1. Uses avt-profile-1 service.

Port 5004 udp

RTP(Real Time Protocol)

Port 5005 udp

RTP(Real Time Protocol)

Port 5005 tcp/udp

avt-profile-2. Uses avt-profile-2 service.

Port 5006 tcp/udp

wsm server. Uses wsm-server service.

Port 5007 tcp/udp

wsm server ssl. Uses wsm-server-ssl service.

Port 5008 tcp/udp

Synapsis EDGE. Uses synapsis-edge service.

Port 5010 tcp/udp

TelepathStart. Uses telelpathstart service.

Port 5010 tcp/udp

Yahoo! Messenger

Port 5010 tcp


Port 5011 tcp/udp

TelepathAttack. Uses telelpathattack service.

Port 5011 tcp

One of the Last Trojans - OOTLT,modified

Port 5020 tcp/udp

zenginkyo-1. Uses zenginkyo-1 service.

Port 5021 tcp/udp

zenginkyo-2. Uses zenginkyo-2 service.

Port 5022 tcp/udp

mice server. Uses mice service.

Port 5023 tcp/udp

Htuil Server for PLD2. Uses htuilsrv service.

Port 5024 tcp/udp

SCPI-TELNET. Uses scpi-telnet service.

Port 5025 tcp

WM Remote KeyLogger

Port 5025 tcp/udp

SCPI-RAW. Uses scpi-raw service.

Port 5031-5032 tcp

Net Metropolitan

Port 5042 tcp/udp

asnaacceler8db. Uses asnaacceler8db service.

Port 5050 tcp/udp

multimedia conference control tool. Uses mmcc service.

Port 5050 tcp/udp

Common for eggdrop

Port 5051 tcp/udp

ITA Agent. Uses ita-agent service.

Port 5052 tcp/udp

ITA Manager. Uses ita-manager service.

Port 5055 tcp/udp

UNOT. Uses unot service.

Port 5056 tcp/udp

Intecom PS 1. Uses intecom-ps1 service.

Port 5057 tcp/udp

Intecom PS 2. Uses intecom-ps2 service.

Port 5060 tcp/udp

SIP. Uses sip service.

Port 5061 tcp/udp

SIP-TLS. Uses sip-tls service.

Port 5064 tcp/udp

Channel Access 1. Uses ca-1 service.

Port 5065 tcp/udp

Channel Access 2. Uses ca-2 service.

Port 5066 tcp/udp

STANAG-5066-SUBNET-INTF. Uses stanag-5066 service.

Port 5069 tcp/udp

I/Net 2000-NPR. Uses i-net-2000-npr service.

Port 5071 tcp/udp

PowerSchool. Uses powerschool service.

Port 5081 tcp/udp

SDL - Ent Trans Server. Uses sdl-ets service.

Port 5093 tcp/udp

Sentinel LM. Uses sentinel-lm service.

Port 5099 tcp/udp

SentLM Srv2Srv. Uses sentlm-srv2srv service.

Port 5101 tcp/udp

Talarian_TCP. Uses talarian-tcp service.

Port 5137 tcp/udp

MyCTS server port. Uses ctsd service.

Port 5145 tcp/udp

RMONITOR SECURE. Uses rmonitor_secure service.

Port 5150 tcp/udp

Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol. Uses atmp service.

Port 5151 tcp

ESRI SDE Instance. Uses esri_sde service.

Port 5151 udp

ESRI SDE Remote Start. Uses esri_sde service.

Port 5151 tcp/udp


Port 5152 tcp/udp

ESRI SDE Instance Discovery. Uses sde-discovery service.

Port 5154 tcp/udp

BZFlag game server. Uses bzflag service.

Port 5165 tcp/udp

ife_1corp. Uses ife_icorp service.

Port 5180 tcp/udp

Peeper,Netscape(thanx Bill?)

Port 5190 tcp/udp

America-Online. Uses aol service.

Port 5191 tcp/udp

AmericaOnline1. Uses aol-1 service.

Port 5192 tcp/udp

AmericaOnline2. Uses aol-2 service.

Port 5193 tcp/udp

AmericaOnline3. Uses aol-3 service.

Port 5200 tcp/udp

TARGUS GetData. Uses targus-getdata service.

Port 5201 tcp/udp

TARGUS GetData 1. Uses targus-getdata1 service.

Port 5202 tcp/udp

TARGUS GetData 2. Uses targus-getdata2 service.

Port 5203 tcp/udp

TARGUS GetData 3. Uses targus-getdata3 service.

Port 5222 tcp/udp

XMPP Client Connection. Uses xmpp-client service.

Port 5225 tcp/udp

HP Server. Uses hp-server service.

Port 5226 tcp/udp

HP Status. Uses hp-status service.

Port 5250 tcp/udp

iGateway. Uses igateway service.

Port 5264 tcp/udp

3Com Network Jack Port 1. Uses 3com-njack-1 service.

Port 5265 tcp/udp

3Com Network Jack Port 2. Uses 3com-njack-2 service.

Port 5269 tcp/udp

XMPP Server Connection. Uses xmpp-server service.

Port 5272 tcp/udp

PK. Uses pk service.

Port 5277 tcp/udp


Port 5282 tcp/udp

Marimba Transmitter Port. Uses transmit-port service.

Port 5300 tcp/udp

# HA cluster heartbeat. Uses hacl-hb service.

Port 5301 tcp/udp

# HA cluster general services. Uses hacl-gs service.

Port 5302 tcp/udp

# HA cluster configuration. Uses hacl-cfg service.

Port 5303 tcp/udp

# HA cluster probing. Uses hacl-probe service.

Port 5304 tcp/udp

# HA Cluster Commands. Uses hacl-local service.

Port 5305 tcp/udp

# HA Cluster Test. Uses hacl-test service.

Port 5306 tcp/udp

Sun MC Group. Uses sun-mc-grp service.

Port 5307 tcp/udp

SCO AIP. Uses sco-aip service.

Port 5308 tcp/udp

CFengine. Uses cfengine service.

Port 5309 tcp/udp

J Printer. Uses jprinter service.

Port 5310 tcp/udp

Outlaws. Uses outlaws service.

Port 5311 tcp/udp

TM Login. Uses tmlogin service.

Port 5314 tcp/udp

opalis-rbt-ipc. Uses opalis-rbt-ipc service.

Port 5315 tcp/udp

HA Cluster UDP Polling. Uses hacl-poll service.

Port 5321 tcp


Port 5326 tcp/udp


Port 5328 tcp/udp


Port 5333 tcp


Port 5343 tcp

wCrat - WC Remote Administration Tool

Port 5353 tcp/udp

Multicast DNS. Uses mdns service.

Port 5353 udp

WebRamp control

Port 5354 tcp/udp

Rendezvous Message Exchange. Uses rmx service.

Port 5373 tcp


Port 5400 tcp/udp

Excerpt Search. Uses excerpt service.

Port 5400-5402 tcp

Back Construction,Blade Runner

Port 5400 udp

The game "Command and Conquer"

Port 5401 tcp/udp

Excerpt Search Secure. Uses excerpts service.

Port 5402 tcp/udp

MFTP. Uses mftp service.

Port 5403 tcp/udp

HPOMS-CI-LSTN. Uses hpoms-ci-lstn service.

Port 5404 tcp/udp

HPOMS-DPS-LSTN. Uses hpoms-dps-lstn service.

Port 5405 tcp/udp

NetSupport. Uses netsupport service.

Port 5406 tcp/udp

Systemics Sox. Uses systemics-sox service.

Port 5407 tcp/udp

Foresyte-Clear. Uses foresyte-clear service.

Port 5408 tcp/udp

Foresyte-Sec. Uses foresyte-sec service.

Port 5409 tcp/udp

Salient Data Server. Uses salient-dtasrv service.

Port 5410 tcp/udp

Salient User Manager. Uses salient-usrmgr service.

Port 5411 tcp/udp

ActNet. Uses actnet service.

Port 5412 tcp/udp

Continuus. Uses continuus service.

Port 5413 tcp/udp

WWIOTALK. Uses wwiotalk service.

Port 5414 tcp/udp

StatusD. Uses statusd service.

Port 5415 tcp/udp

NS Server. Uses ns-server service.

Port 5416 tcp/udp

SNS Gateway. Uses sns-gateway service.

Port 5417 tcp/udp

SNS Agent. Uses sns-agent service.

Port 5418 tcp/udp


Port 5418 tcp/udp

MCNTP. Uses mcntp service.

Port 5419 tcp/udp

DJ-ICE. Uses dj-ice service.

Port 5419 tcp/udp


Port 5420 tcp/udp

Cylink-C. Uses cylink-c service.

Port 5421 tcp/udp

Net Support 2. Uses netsupport2 service.

Port 5422 tcp/udp

Salient MUX. Uses salient-mux service.

Port 5423 tcp/udp

VIRTUALUSER. Uses virtualuser service.

Port 5426 tcp/udp

DEVBASIC. Uses devbasic service.

Port 5427 tcp/udp

SCO-PEER-TTA. Uses sco-peer-tta service.

Port 5428 tcp/udp

TELACONSOLE. Uses telaconsole service.

Port 5429 tcp/udp

Billing and Accounting System Exchange. Uses base service.

Port 5430 tcp/udp

RADEC CORP. Uses radec-corp service.

Port 5431 tcp/udp

PARK AGENT. Uses park-agent service.

Port 5432 tcp/udp

PostgreSQL Database. Uses postgresql service.

Port 5435 tcp/udp

Data Tunneling Transceiver Linking (DTTL). Uses dttl service.

Port 5454 tcp/udp

APC 5454. Uses apc-5454 service.

Port 5455 tcp/udp

APC 5455. Uses apc-5455 service.

Port 5456 tcp/udp

APC 5456. Uses apc-5456 service.

Port 5461 tcp/udp

SILKMETER. Uses silkmeter service.

Port 5462 tcp/udp

TTL Publisher. Uses ttl-publisher service.

Port 5463 tcp/udp

TTL Price Proxy. Uses ttlpriceproxy service.

Port 5465 tcp/udp

NETOPS-BROKER. Uses netops-broker service.

Port 5500 tcp/udp

fcp-addr-srvr1. Uses fcp-addr-srvr1 service.

Port 5500 udp

SecurID ACE (Access Control) server

Port 5501 tcp/udp

fcp-addr-srvr2. Uses fcp-addr-srvr2 service.

Port 5501 udp

SecurID ACE/Server Slave

Port 5502 tcp/udp

fcp-srvr-inst1. Uses fcp-srvr-inst1 service.

Port 5503 tcp/udp

fcp-srvr-inst2. Uses fcp-srvr-inst2 service.

Port 5504 tcp/udp

fcp-cics-gw1. Uses fcp-cics-gw1 service.

Port 5512 tcp

Illusion Mailer

Port 5534 tcp

The Flu

Port 5550 tcp


Port 5553 tcp/udp

SGI Eventmond Port. Uses sgi-eventmond service.

Port 5554 tcp/udp

SGI ESP HTTP. Uses sgi-esphttp service.

Port 5555 tcp/udp

Personal Agent. Uses personal-agent service.

Port 5555 tcp


Port 5556 tcp

HP-UX rwd (remove watch)

Port 5556-5567 tcp

BO Facil

Port 5566 tcp/udp

UDPPlus. Uses udpplus service.

Port 5569 tcp


Port 5599 tcp/udp

Enterprise Security Remote Install. Uses esinstall service.

Port 5600 tcp/udp

Enterprise Security Manager. Uses esmmanager service.

Port 5601 tcp/udp

Enterprise Security Agent. Uses esmagent service.

Port 5602 tcp/udp

A1-MSC. Uses a1-msc service.

Port 5603 tcp/udp

A1-BS. Uses a1-bs service.

Port 5604 tcp/udp

A3-SDUNode. Uses a3-sdunode service.

Port 5605 tcp/udp

A4-SDUNode. Uses a4-sdunode service.

Port 5631 tcp/udp

pcANYWHEREdata. Uses pcanywheredata service.

Port 5632 tcp/udp

pcANYWHEREstat. Uses pcanywherestat service.

Port 5637-5638 tcp

PC Crasher

Port 5673 tcp/udp

JACL Message Server. Uses jms service.

Port 5674 tcp/udp

HyperSCSI Port. Uses hyperscsi-port service.

Port 5675 tcp/udp

V5UA application port. Uses v5ua service.

Port 5676 tcp/udp

RA Administration. Uses raadmin service.

Port 5677 tcp/udp

Quest Central DB2 Launchr. Uses questdb2-lnchr service.

Port 5678 udp

osagent communication

Port 5678 tcp/udp

Remote Replication Agent Connection. Uses rrac service.

Port 5678 tcp/udp

Port 5678 was originally specified forthe PPTP protocol,but when the standardwas ratified

Port 5678 tcp/udp

A frequent port some picks at random.

Port 5678 tcp

Port 5678 is the default port for thecom.hp.util.rcat Java package (fromHewlett-Packard). This is a simpledebugging package.

Port 5678 tcp/udp

A port for remote execution using thecrexd/srexd services.

Port 5679 tcp/udp


Port 5679 tcp/udp

Direct Cable Connect Manager. Uses dccm service.

Port 5688 tcp/udp

GGZ Gaming Zone. Uses ggz service.

Port 5695 tcp/udp


Port 5713 tcp/udp

proshare conf audio. Uses proshareaudio service.

Port 5714 tcp/udp

proshare conf video. Uses prosharevideo service.

Port 5715 tcp/udp

proshare conf data. Uses prosharedata service.

Port 5716 tcp/udp

proshare conf request. Uses prosharerequest service.

Port 5717 tcp/udp

proshare conf notify. Uses prosharenotify service.

Port 5720 tcp/udp

MS-Licensing. Uses ms-licensing service.

Port 5729 tcp/udp

Openmail User Agent Layer. Uses openmail service.

Port 5730 tcp/udp

Steltor's calendar access. Uses unieng service.

Port 5732 tcp


Port 5741 tcp/udp

IDA Discover Port 1. Uses ida-discover1 service.

Port 5742 tcp/udp

IDA Discover Port 2. Uses ida-discover2 service.

Port 5742 tcp


Port 5745 tcp/udp

fcopy-server. Uses fcopy-server service.

Port 5746 tcp/udp

fcopys-server. Uses fcopys-server service.

Port 5748 tcp


Port 5755 tcp/udp

OpenMail Desk Gateway server. Uses openmailg service.

Port 5757 tcp/udp

OpenMail X.500 Directory Server. Uses x500ms service.

Port 5760 tcp

Portmap Remote Root Linux Exploit

Port 5766 tcp/udp

OpenMail NewMail Server. Uses openmailns service.

Port 5767 tcp/udp

OpenMail Suer Agent Layer (Secure). Uses s-openmail service.

Port 5768 tcp/udp

OpenMail CMTS Server. Uses openmailpxy service.

Port 5771 tcp/udp

NetAgent. Uses netagent service.

Port 5777 tcp/udp

DALI Port. Uses dali-port service.

Port 5800-5801 tcp


Port 5813 tcp/udp

ICMPD. Uses icmpd service.

Port 5814 tcp/udp

Support Automation. Uses spt-automation service.

Port 5843 tcp/udp

IIS Admin Service

Port 5859 tcp/udp

WHEREHOO. Uses wherehoo service.

Port 5880 tcp


Port 5882 tcp/udp


Port 5884 tcp/udp


Port 5888 tcp/udp


Port 5889 tcp


Port 5900-5901 tcp


Port 5968 tcp/udp

mppolicy-v5. Uses mppolicy-v5 service.

Port 5969 tcp/udp

mppolicy-mgr. Uses mppolicy-mgr service.

Port 5987 tcp/udp

WBEM RMI. Uses wbem-rmi service.

Port 5988 tcp/udp

WBEM HTTP. Uses wbem-http service.

Port 5989 tcp/udp

WBEM HTTPS. Uses wbem-https service.

Port 5991 tcp/udp

NUXSL. Uses nuxsl service.

Port 5999 tcp/udp

CVSup. Uses cvsup service.

Port 6000 tcp

The Thing,Lovgate

Port 6000-6063 tcp/udp

X Window System. Uses x11 service.

Port 6006 tcp

Bad Blood

Port 6050 tcp/udp


Port 6051 tcp/udp


Port 6064 tcp/udp

NDL-AHP-SVC. Uses ndl-ahp-svc service.

Port 6065 tcp/udp

WinPharaoh. Uses winpharaoh service.

Port 6066 tcp/udp

EWCTSP. Uses ewctsp service.

Port 6067 tcp/udp

SRB. Uses srb service.

Port 6068 tcp/udp

GSMP. Uses gsmp service.

Port 6069 tcp/udp

TRIP. Uses trip service.

Port 6070 tcp/udp

Messageasap. Uses messageasap service.

Port 6071 tcp/udp

SSDTP. Uses ssdtp service.

Port 6072 tcp/udp

DIAGNOSE-PROC. Uses diagnose-proc service.

Port 6073 tcp/udp

DirectPlay8. Uses directplay8 service.

Port 6085 tcp/udp

konspire2b p2p network. Uses konspire2b service.

Port 6100 tcp/udp

SynchroNet-db. Uses synchronet-db service.

Port 6101 tcp/udp

SynchroNet-rtc. Uses synchronet-rtc service.

Port 6102 tcp/udp

SynchroNet-upd. Uses synchronet-upd service.

Port 6103 tcp/udp

RETS. Uses rets service.

Port 6104 tcp/udp

DBDB. Uses dbdb service.

Port 6105 tcp/udp

Prima Server. Uses primaserver service.

Port 6106 tcp/udp

MPS Server. Uses mpsserver service.

Port 6107 tcp/udp

ETC Control. Uses etc-control service.

Port 6108 tcp/udp

Sercomm-SCAdmin. Uses sercomm-scadmin service.

Port 6109 tcp/udp

GLOBECAST-ID. Uses globecast-id service.

Port 6110 tcp/udp

HP SoftBench CM. Uses softcm service.

Port 6111 tcp/udp

HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control. Uses spc service.

Port 6112 tcp/udp

dtspcd. Uses dtspcd service.

Port 6112 tcp/udp

BattleNetThe popular multiplayer game "Diablo" runs on this port.

Port 6123 tcp/udp

Backup Express. Uses backup-express service.

Port 6129 tcp/udp


Port 6141 tcp/udp

Meta Corporation License Manager. Uses meta-corp service.

Port 6142 tcp/udp

Aspen Technology License Manager. Uses aspentec-lm service.

Port 6143 tcp/udp

Watershed License Manager. Uses watershed-lm service.

Port 6144 tcp/udp

StatSci License Manager - 1. Uses statsci1-lm service.

Port 6145 tcp/udp

StatSci License Manager - 2. Uses statsci2-lm service.

Port 6146 tcp/udp

Lone Wolf Systems License Manager. Uses lonewolf-lm service.

Port 6147 tcp/udp

Montage License Manager. Uses montage-lm service.

Port 6148 tcp/udp

Ricardo North America License Manager. Uses ricardo-lm service.

Port 6149 tcp/udp

tal-pod. Uses tal-pod service.

Port 6187 tcp/udp


Port 6253 tcp/udp

CRIP. Uses crip service.

Port 6272 tcp

Secret Service

Port 6300 tcp/udp

BMC GRX. Uses bmc-grx service.

Port 6321 tcp/udp

Empress Software Connectivity Server 1. Uses emp-server1 service.

Port 6322 tcp/udp

Empress Software Connectivity Server 2. Uses emp-server2 service.

Port 6343 tcp/udp

sFlow traffic monitoring. Uses sflow service.

Port 6346 tcp/udp

gnutella-svc. Uses gnutella-svc service.

Port 6347 tcp/udp

gnutella-rtr. Uses gnutella-rtr service.

Port 6382 tcp/udp

Metatude Dialogue Server. Uses metatude-mds service.

Port 6384 tcp


Port 6389 tcp/udp

clariion-evr01. Uses clariion-evr01 service.

Port 6400 tcp

The Thing

Port 6430 tcp/udp

Mirab File Transfer

Port 6455 tcp

SKIP Certificate Receive. Uses skip-cert-recv service.

Port 6456 tcp

SKIP Certificate Send. Uses skip-cert-send service.

Port 6471 tcp/udp

LVision License Manager. Uses lvision-lm service.

Port 6499-6500 tcp

Netscape CoolTalk Watchdog

Port 6500 tcp/udp

BoKS Master. Uses boks service.

Port 6501 tcp/udp

BoKS Servc. Uses boks_servc service.

Port 6502 tcp/udp

BoKS Servm. Uses boks_servm service.

Port 6502 tcp/udp

Netscape Conference

Port 6503 tcp/udp

BoKS Clntd. Uses boks_clntd service.

Port 6505 tcp/udp

BoKS Admin Private Port. Uses badm_priv service.

Port 6506 tcp/udp

BoKS Admin Public Port. Uses badm_pub service.

Port 6507 tcp/udp

"BoKS Dir Server,Private Port". Uses bdir_priv service.

Port 6508 tcp/udp

"BoKS Dir Server,Public Port". Uses bdir_pub service.

Port 6509 tcp/udp

MGCS-MFP Port. Uses mgcs-mfp-port service.

Port 6510 tcp/udp

MCER Port. Uses mcer-port service.

Port 6543 tcp/udp

lds_distrib. Uses lds-distrib service.

Port 6547 tcp/udp

APC 6547. Uses apc-6547 service.

Port 6548 tcp/udp

APC 6548. Uses apc-6548 service.

Port 6549 tcp/udp

APC 6549. Uses apc-6549 service.

Port 6550 tcp/udp

fg-sysupdate. Uses fg-sysupdate service.

Port 6566 tcp/udp

SANE Control Port. Uses sane-port service.

Port 6580 tcp/udp

Parsec Masterserver. Uses parsec-master service.

Port 6581 tcp/udp

Parsec Peer-to-Peer. Uses parsec-peer service.

Port 6582 tcp/udp

Parsec Gameserver. Uses parsec-game service.

Port 6595 tcp/udp


Port 6628 tcp/udp

AFE Stock Channel M/C. Uses afesc-mc service.

Port 6631 tcp/udp

Mitchell telecom host. Uses mach service.

Port 6661 tcp


Port 6665-6669 tcp/udp

IRCU. Uses ircu service.

Port 6666 tcp

AltaVista Tunnel server also uses this port.

Port 6666 tcp

Script kiddies trying to compromiseReal Server servers might mistakenly use this port.

Port 6666 tcp

Many sites running "napster" may use this port.

Port 6666 tcp

Dark Connection Inside,NetBus worm

Port 6666 udp

Kali uses UDP 6666.

Port 6667 tcp

VocalTec Internet PhoneAn alternate port other than 6670 used to connect to servers.

Port 6667 tcp

IRC Clients can connect to servers on this port.

Port 6667 tcp

Dark FTP,ScheduleAgent

Port 6669 tcp

Host Control,Vampire

Port 6670 tcp

BackWeb Server,Deep Throat

Port 6670 tcp/udp

Vocaltec Global Online Directory. Uses vocaltec-gold service.

Port 6672 tcp/udp

vision_server. Uses vision_server service.

Port 6673 tcp/udp

vision_elmd. Uses vision_elmd service.

Port 6697 tcp/udp


Port 6699 tcp

A program called "napster" for exchangingMP3 files defaults to this port.

Port 6701 tcp/udp

KTI/ICAD Nameserver. Uses kti-icad-srvr service.

Port 6711 tcp


Port 6712 tcp

Funny trojan,SubSeven

Port 6713 tcp


Port 6714 tcp/udp

Internet Backplane Protocol. Uses ibprotocol service.

Port 6718 tcp


Port 6723 tcp


Port 6754 tcp/udp


Port 6767 tcp/udp

BMC PERFORM AGENT. Uses bmc-perf-agent service.

Port 6768 tcp/udp

BMC PERFORM MGRD. Uses bmc-perf-mgrd service.

Port 6771 tcp

Deep Throat,Foreplay

Port 6776 tcp/udp

RAT:SubSevenThis port often seen as part of the Sub7communication. You may see a steadystream of connection attempts: this isbecause it uses this port separately fromthe command port in order to transferinformation. Sometimes the control-connection thinks the agent is alive,and will continue to attempt thisconnection as well. Backdoor port in Sub7. Uses hnmp service.

Port 6776 tcp

2000 Cracks,BackDoor-G

Port 6788 tcp/udp

SMC-HTTP. Uses smc-http service.

Port 6789 tcp/udp

SMC-HTTPS. Uses smc-https service.

Port 6789 tcp


Port 6790 tcp/udp

HNMP. Uses hnmp service.

Port 6831 tcp/udp

ambit-lm. Uses ambit-lm service.

Port 6838 udp


Port 6841 tcp/udp

Netmo Default. Uses netmo-default service.

Port 6842 tcp/udp

Netmo HTTP. Uses netmo-http service.

Port 6850 tcp/udp

ICCRUSHMORE. Uses iccrushmore service.

Port 6883 tcp

Delta Source DarkStar

Port 6888 tcp/udp

MUSE. Uses muse service.

Port 6912 tcp

Shit Heep

Port 6939 tcp


Port 6961 tcp/udp

JMACT3. Uses jmact3 service.

Port 6962 tcp/udp

jmevt2. Uses jmevt2 service.

Port 6963 tcp/udp

swismgr1. Uses swismgr1 service.

Port 6964 tcp/udp

swismgr2. Uses swismgr2 service.

Port 6965 tcp/udp

swistrap. Uses swistrap service.

Port 6966 tcp/udp

swispol. Uses swispol service.

Port 6969 tcp/udp

acmsoda. Uses acmsoda service.

Port 6969 tcp

GateCrasher,IRC 3

Port 6970-6971 udp

RTP(RealTime Protocol)

Port 6970 tcp


Port 6998 tcp/udp

IATP-highPri. Uses iatp-highpri service.

Port 6999 tcp/udp

IATP-normalPri. Uses iatp-normalpri service.

Port 7000 tcp

'xfont' (X Windows font server)

Port 7000 tcp/udp

file server itself. Uses afs3-fileserver service.

Port 7000 tcp

Exploit Translation Server,Kazimas

Port 7001 tcp


Port 7001 tcp/udp

callbacks to cache managers. Uses afs3-callback service.

Port 7002 tcp/udp

users & groups database. Uses afs3-prserver service.

Port 7003 tcp/udp

volume location database. Uses afs3-vlserver service.

Port 7004 tcp/udp

AFS/Kerberos authentication service. Uses afs3-kaserver service.

Port 7005 tcp/udp

volume managment server. Uses afs3-volser service.

Port 7006 tcp/udp

error interpretation service. Uses afs3-errors service.

Port 7007 tcp/udp

MSBD,Windows Media encoder

Port 7007 tcp/udp

basic overseer process. Uses afs3-bos service.

Port 7008 tcp/udp

server-to-server updater. Uses afs3-update service.

Port 7009 tcp/udp

remote cache manager service. Uses afs3-rmtsys service.

Port 7010 tcp/udp

onlinet uninterruptable power supplies. Uses ups-onlinet service.

Port 7011 tcp/udp

Talon Discovery Port. Uses talon-disc service.

Port 7012 tcp/udp

Talon Engine. Uses talon-engine service.

Port 7013 tcp/udp

Microtalon Discovery. Uses microtalon-dis service.

Port 7014 tcp/udp

Microtalon Communications. Uses microtalon-com service.

Port 7015 tcp/udp

Talon Webserver. Uses talon-webserver service.

Port 7020 tcp/udp

DP Serve. Uses dpserve service.

Port 7021 tcp/udp

DP Serve Admin. Uses dpserveadmin service.

Port 7030 tcp/udp

ObjectPlanet probe. Uses op-probe service.

Port 7070 tcp/udp

ARCP. Uses arcp service.

Port 7070 tcp/udp

The default port for Real Server streams.

Port 7070 tcp/udp

Apple QuickTime Streamer Serve acceptsRTSP (RealTime Streaming Protocol) on this port.

Port 7080 tcp/udp


Port 7099 tcp/udp

lazy-ptop. Uses lazy-ptop service.

Port 7100 tcp/udp

X Font Service. Uses font-service service.

Port 7119 tcp/udp


Port 7121 tcp/udp

Virtual Prototypes License Manager. Uses virprot-lm service.

Port 7161 tcp

SMS v1.2 wuser32.exe

Port 7174 tcp/udp

Clutild. Uses clutild service.

Port 7200 tcp/udp

FODMS FLIP. Uses fodms service.

Port 7201 tcp/udp

DLIP. Uses dlip service.

Port 7215 tcp

SubSeven,SubSeven 2.1 Gold

Port 7227 tcp/udp

Registry A & M Protocol. Uses ramp service.

Port 7280 tcp/udp

ITACTIONSERVER 1. Uses itactionserver1 service.

Port 7281 tcp/udp

ITACTIONSERVER 2. Uses itactionserver2 service.

Port 7300-7301 tcp


Port 7300-7390 tcp/udp

The Swiss Exchange. Uses swx service.

Port 7306-7308 tcp


Port 7391 tcp/udp

mind-file system server. Uses mindfilesys service.

Port 7392 tcp/udp

mrss-rendezvous server. Uses mrssrendezvous service.

Port 7395 tcp/udp

winqedit. Uses winqedit service.

Port 7410 tcp/udp


Port 7424 tcp/udp

Host Control

Port 7426 tcp/udp

OpenView DM Postmaster Manager. Uses pmdmgr service.

Port 7427 tcp/udp

OpenView DM Event Agent Manager. Uses oveadmgr service.

Port 7428 tcp/udp

OpenView DM Log Agent Manager. Uses ovladmgr service.

Port 7429 tcp/udp

OpenView DM rqt communication. Uses opi-sock service.

Port 7430 tcp/udp

OpenView DM xmpv7 api pipe. Uses xmpv7 service.

Port 7431 tcp/udp

OpenView DM ovc/xmpv3 api pipe. Uses pmd service.

Port 7437 tcp/udp

Faximum. Uses faximum service.

Port 7441 tcp/udp


Port 7491 tcp/udp

telops-lmd. Uses telops-lmd service.

Port 7500 tcp/udp

Silhouette User. Uses silhouette service.

Port 7501 tcp/udp

HP OpenView Bus Daemon. Uses ovbus service.

Port 7510 tcp/udp

HP OpenView Application Server. Uses ovhpas service.

Port 7511 tcp/udp

pafec-lm. Uses pafec-lm service.

Port 7544 tcp/udp

FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer. Uses nta-ds service.

Port 7545 tcp/udp

FlowAnalyzer UtilityServer. Uses nta-us service.

Port 7566 tcp/udp

VSI Omega. Uses vsi-omega service.

Port 7570 tcp/udp

Aries Kfinder. Uses aries-kfinder service.

Port 7588 tcp/udp

Sun License Manager. Uses sun-lm service.

Port 7597 tcp


Port 7614 tcp


Port 7624 tcp/udp

Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface. Uses indi service.

Port 7626 tcp


Port 7633 tcp/udp

PMDF Management. Uses pmdfmgt service.

Port 7640 tcp

Remote configuration via Telnetfor CU-SeeMe Reflector.

Port 7648 udp

CU-SeeMe video and audio

Port 7648 tcp

CU-SeenMe client connectionsCU-SeeMe connection establishment

Port 7649 tcp

CU-SeeMe connection establishment CU-SeeMe

Port 7673 tcp/udp


Port 7674 tcp/udp

iMQ SSL tunnel. Uses imqtunnels service.

Port 7675 tcp/udp

iMQ Tunnel. Uses imqtunnel service.

Port 7676 tcp/udp

iMQ Broker Rendezvous. Uses imqbrokerd service.

Port 7677 tcp/udp


Port 7714 tcp/udp


Port 7720 tcp/udp

MedImage Portal. Uses medimageportal service.

Port 7743 tcp/udp

Sakura Script Transfer Protocol. Uses sstp-1 service.

Port 7777 tcp/udp

Hacker can spoof UDP packets to this portin order to control the cable-modem.God Message,Tini

Port 7777 tcp/udp

cbt. Uses cbt service.

Port 7778 tcp/udp

Interwise. Uses interwise service.

Port 7778 tcp/udp

Unreal Tournament,an online multiplayerpersonal shooter.

Port 7779 tcp/udp

VSTAT. Uses vstat service.

Port 7781 tcp/udp

accu-lmgr. Uses accu-lmgr service.

Port 7786 tcp/udp

MINIVEND. Uses minivend service.

Port 7789 tcp

Back Door Setup,ICKiller

Port 7797 tcp/udp

Propel Connector port. Uses pnet-conn service.

Port 7798 tcp/udp

Propel Encoder port. Uses pnet-enc service.

Port 7811 tcp/udp


Port 7823 tcp/udp


Port 7845 tcp/udp

APC 7845. Uses apc-7845 service.

Port 7846 tcp/udp

APC 7846. Uses apc-7846 service.

Port 7891 tcp

The ReVeNgEr

Port 7913 tcp/udp

QuickObjects secure port. Uses qo-secure service.

Port 7932 tcp/udp

Tier 2 Data Resource Manager. Uses t2-drm service.

Port 7933 tcp/udp

Tier 2 Business Rules Manager. Uses t2-brm service.

Port 7967 tcp/udp

Supercell. Uses supercell service.

Port 7979 tcp/udp

Micromuse-ncps. Uses micromuse-ncps service.

Port 7980 tcp/udp

Quest Vista. Uses quest-vista service.

Port 7983 tcp


Port 7999 tcp/udp

iRDMI2. Uses irdmi2 service.

Port 8000 tcp/udp

iRDMI. Uses irdmi service.

Port 8001 tcp/udp

VCOM Tunnel. Uses vcom-tunnel service.

Port 8002 tcp/udp

Teradata ORDBMS. Uses teradataordbms service.

Port 8002 tcp

'rcgi' or "PERL.NLM' allows running ofPERL scripts on a Novell 4.1 webserver.

Port 8008 tcp/udp

HTTP Alternate. Uses http-alt service.

Port 8008 tcp


Port 8010 tcp

WinGate v2.1 has a webserver on port8010 for the "LogFile Service". If thisport is open,then anyone can connectto WinGate in order read not only thelogfiles

Port 8012 tcp


Port 8022 tcp/udp

oa-system. Uses oa-system service.

Port 8032 tcp/udp

ProEd. Uses pro-ed service.

Port 8033 tcp/udp

MindPrint. Uses mindprint service.

Port 8080 tcp/udp

HTTP Alternate (see port 80). Uses http-alt service.

Port 8080 tcp

Brown Orifice,Reverse WWW TunnelBackdoor

Port 8088 tcp/udp

Radan HTTP. Uses radan-http service.

Port 8090 tcp/udp


Port 8100 tcp/udp

Xprint Server. Uses xprint-server service.

Port 8115 tcp/udp

MTL8000 Matrix. Uses mtl8000-matrix service.

Port 8116 tcp/udp

Check Point Clustering. Uses cp-cluster service.

Port 8118 tcp/udp

Privoxy HTTP proxy. Uses privoxy service.

Port 8121 tcp/udp

Apollo Data Port. Uses apollo-data service.

Port 8122 tcp/udp

Apollo Admin Port. Uses apollo-admin service.

Port 8130 tcp/udp

INDIGO-VRMI. Uses indigo-vrmi service.

Port 8131 tcp/udp

INDIGO-VBCP. Uses indigo-vbcp service.

Port 8132 tcp/udp

dbabble. Uses dbabble service.

Port 8160 tcp/udp

Patrol. Uses patrol service.

Port 8161 tcp/udp

Patrol SNMP. Uses patrol-snmp service.

Port 8173 tcp/udp


Port 8199 tcp/udp

VVR DATA. Uses vvr-data service.

Port 8200 tcp/udp

TRIVNET. Uses trivnet1 service.

Port 8201 tcp/udp

TRIVNET. Uses trivnet2 service.

Port 8204 tcp/udp

LM Perfworks. Uses lm-perfworks service.

Port 8205 tcp/udp

LM Instmgr. Uses lm-instmgr service.

Port 8206 tcp/udp

LM Dta. Uses lm-dta service.

Port 8207 tcp/udp

LM SServer. Uses lm-sserver service.

Port 8208 tcp/udp

LM Webwatcher. Uses lm-webwatcher service.

Port 8311 tcp/udp


Port 8351 tcp/udp

Server Find. Uses server-find service.

Port 8376 tcp/udp

Cruise ENUM. Uses cruise-enum service.

Port 8377 tcp/udp

Cruise SWROUTE. Uses cruise-swroute service.

Port 8378 tcp/udp

Cruise CONFIG. Uses cruise-config service.

Port 8379 tcp/udp

Cruise DIAGS. Uses cruise-diags service.

Port 8380 tcp/udp

Cruise UPDATE. Uses cruise-update service.

Port 8383 tcp/udp

IpSwitch's IMail program has aadministrative web server running on this port.

Port 8400 tcp/udp

cvd. Uses cvd service.

Port 8401 tcp/udp

sabarsd. Uses sabarsd service.

Port 8402 tcp/udp

abarsd. Uses abarsd service.

Port 8403 tcp/udp

admind. Uses admind service.

Port 8416 tcp/udp

eSpeech Session Protocol. Uses espeech service.

Port 8417 tcp/udp

eSpeech RTP Protocol. Uses espeech-rtp service.

Port 8443 tcp/udp

PCsync HTTPS. Uses pcsync-https service.

Port 8444 tcp/udp

PCsync HTTP. Uses pcsync-http service.

Port 8450 tcp/udp

npmp. Uses npmp service.

Port 8473 tcp/udp

Virtual Point to Point. Uses vp2p service.

Port 8500 tcp/udp

Flight Data Exchange. Uses fde service.

Port 8520 tcp/udp


Port 8546 tcp/udp


Port 8554 tcp/udp

RTSP Alternate (see port 554). Uses rtsp-alt service.

Port 8555 tcp/udp

SYMAX D-FENCE. Uses d-fence service.

Port 8611 tcp/udp

Canon BJNP Port 1. Uses canon-bjnp1 service.

Port 8612 tcp/udp

Canon BJNP Port 2. Uses canon-bjnp2 service.

Port 8613 tcp/udp

Canon BJNP Port 3. Uses canon-bjnp3 service.

Port 8614 tcp/udp

Canon BJNP Port 4. Uses canon-bjnp4 service.

Port 8719 tcp/udp


Port 8733 tcp/udp

iBus. Uses ibus service.

Port 8763 tcp/udp

MC-APPSERVER. Uses mc-appserver service.

Port 8764 tcp/udp

OPENQUEUE. Uses openqueue service.

Port 8765 tcp/udp

Ultraseek HTTP. Uses ultraseek-http service.

Port 8786 tcp/udp

Message Client. Uses msgclnt service.

Port 8787 tcp

Back Orifice 2000

Port 8787 tcp/udp

Message Server. Uses msgsrvr service.

Port 8804 tcp/udp

truecm. Uses truecm service.

Port 8811 tcp/udp


Port 8866 tcp/udp


Port 8875 tcp/udp


Port 8880 tcp/udp

CDDBP. Uses cddbp-alt service.

Port 8888 tcp

NewsEDGE server TCP (TCP 1). Uses ddi-tcp-1 service.

Port 8888 udp

NewsEDGE server UDP (UDP 1). Uses ddi-udp-1 service.

Port 8888 tcp/udp


Port 8889 tcp

Desktop Data TCP 1. Uses ddi-tcp-2 service.

Port 8889 udp

NewsEDGE server broadcast. Uses ddi-udp-2 service.

Port 8889 tcp/udp


Port 8890 tcp

Sendmail Switch

Port 8890 tcp

Desktop Data TCP 2. Uses ddi-tcp-3 service.

Port 8890 udp

NewsEDGE client broadcast. Uses ddi-udp-3 service.

Port 8891 udp

Desktop Data UDP 3: NESS application. Uses ddi-udp-4 service.

Port 8891 tcp

Desktop Data TCP 3: NESS application. Uses ddi-tcp-4 service.

Port 8892 tcp

Desktop Data TCP 4: FARM product. Uses ddi-tcp-5 service.

Port 8892 udp

Desktop Data UDP 4: FARM product. Uses ddi-udp-5 service.

Port 8893 tcp

Desktop Data TCP 5: NewsEDGE/Web application. Uses ddi-tcp-6 service.

Port 8893 udp

Desktop Data UDP 5: NewsEDGE/Web application. Uses ddi-udp-6 service.

Port 8894 tcp

Desktop Data TCP 6: COAL application. Uses ddi-tcp-7 service.

Port 8894 udp

Desktop Data UDP 6: COAL application. Uses ddi-udp-7 service.

Port 8900 tcp/udp

JMB-CDS 1. Uses jmb-cds1 service.

Port 8901 tcp/udp

JMB-CDS 2. Uses jmb-cds2 service.

Port 8910 tcp/udp

manyone-http. Uses manyone-http service.

Port 8911 tcp/udp

manyone-xml. Uses manyone-xml service.

Port 8954 tcp/udp

Cumulus Admin Port. Uses cumulus-admin service.

Port 8988 tcp


Port 8989 tcp


Port 8999 tcp/udp

Brodos Crypto Trade Protocol. Uses bctp service.

Port 9000 tcp/udp

CSlistener. Uses cslistener service.

Port 9000 udp

Asheron's CallThis port is used in Microsoft's massively-multiplayer game called "Asheron's Call".The game can continue to contact theplayer even after the player has logged out.

Port 9000 tcp


Port 9000 tcp

AltaVista HTTP ServerThe may be an attempt to compromisean AltaVista HTTP (web) server.

Port 9000 tcp

Sendmail Switch SDAPSendmail's "Switch" protocol listens onthis TCP port. It also listens on port 8890.

Port 9001 tcp/udp

ETL Service Manager. Uses etlservicemgr service.

Port 9002 tcp/udp

DynamID authentication. Uses dynamid service.

Port 9006 tcp/udp

"De-Commissioned Port 02/24/00,ms"

Port 9010 tcp


Port 9020 tcp/udp

TAMBORA. Uses tambora service.

Port 9021 tcp/udp

Pangolin Identification. Uses panagolin-ident service.

Port 9022 tcp/udp

PrivateArk Remote Agent. Uses paragent service.

Port 9023 tcp/udp

Secure Web Access - 1. Uses swa-1 service.

Port 9024 tcp/udp

Secure Web Access - 2. Uses swa-2 service.

Port 9025 tcp/udp

Secure Web Access - 3. Uses swa-3 service.

Port 9026 tcp/udp

Secure Web Access - 4. Uses swa-4 service.

Port 9080 tcp/udp

Groove GLRPC. Uses glrpc service.

Port 9090 tcp/udp

WebSM. Uses websm service.

Port 9091 tcp/udp

xmltec-xmlmail. Uses xmltec-xmlmail service.

Port 9100 tcp/udp

Printer PDL Data Stream. Uses pdl-datastream service.

Port 9100 tcp/udp

PDL Data Streaming Port. Uses hp-pdl-datastr service.

Port 9101 tcp/udp

Bacula Director. Uses bacula-dir service.

Port 9102 tcp/udp

Bacula File Daemon. Uses bacula-fd service.

Port 9103 tcp/udp

Bacula Storage Daemon. Uses bacula-sd service.

Port 9104 tcp/udp

PeerWire. Uses peerwire service.

Port 9148 tcp/udp


Port 9160 tcp/udp

NetLOCK1. Uses netlock1 service.

Port 9161 tcp/udp

NetLOCK2. Uses netlock2 service.

Port 9162 tcp/udp

NetLOCK3. Uses netlock3 service.

Port 9163 tcp/udp

NetLOCK4. Uses netlock4 service.

Port 9164 tcp/udp

NetLOCK5. Uses netlock5 service.

Port 9200 tcp/udp

WAP connectionless session service. Uses wap-wsp service.

Port 9200 tcp/udp

Lexmark printers open both TCP andUDP port 9200 for some unknown purpose.

Port 9201 tcp/udp

WAP session service. Uses wap-wsp-wtp service.

Port 9202 tcp/udp

WAP secure connectionless session service. Uses wap-wsp-s service.

Port 9203 tcp/udp

WAP secure session service. Uses wap-wsp-wtp-s service.

Port 9204 tcp/udp

WAP vCard. Uses wap-vcard service.

Port 9205 tcp/udp

WAP vCal. Uses wap-vcal service.

Port 9206 tcp/udp

WAP vCard Secure. Uses wap-vcard-s service.

Port 9207 tcp/udp

WAP vCal Secure. Uses wap-vcal-s service.

Port 9210 tcp/udp

OMA Mobile Location Protocol. Uses oma-mlp service.

Port 9211 tcp/udp

OMA Mobile Location Protocol Secure. Uses oma-mlp-s service.

Port 9217 tcp/udp

FSC Communication Port. Uses fsc-port service.

Port 9281 tcp/udp

SofaWare transport port 1. Uses swtp-port1 service.

Port 9282 tcp/udp

SofaWare transport port 2. Uses swtp-port2 service.

Port 9283 tcp/udp

CallWaveIAM. Uses callwaveiam service.

Port 9284 tcp/udp

VERITAS Information Serve. Uses visd service.

Port 9285 tcp/udp

N2H2 Filter Service Port. Uses n2h2server service.

Port 9287 tcp/udp

Cumulus. Uses cumulus service.

Port 9292 tcp/udp

ArmTech Daemon. Uses armtechdaemon service.

Port 9321 tcp/udp

guibase. Uses guibase service.

Port 9325 udp


Port 9343 tcp/udp

MpIdcMgr. Uses mpidcmgr service.

Port 9344 tcp/udp

Mphlpdmc. Uses mphlpdmc service.

Port 9346 tcp/udp

C Tech Licensing. Uses ctechlicensing service.

Port 9374 tcp/udp

fjdmimgr. Uses fjdmimgr service.

Port 9396 tcp/udp

fjinvmgr. Uses fjinvmgr service.

Port 9397 tcp/udp

MpIdcAgt. Uses mpidcagt service.

Port 9400 tcp


Port 9500 tcp/udp

ismserver. Uses ismserver service.

Port 9535 tcp/udp

Management Suite Remote Control. Uses mngsuite service.

Port 9594 tcp/udp

Message System. Uses msgsys service.

Port 9595 tcp/udp

Ping Discovery Service. Uses pds service.

Port 9600 tcp/udp

MICROMUSE-NCPW. Uses micromuse-ncpw service.

Port 9612 tcp/udp

StreamComm User Directory. Uses streamcomm-ds service.

Port 9696-9697 tcp


Port 9704 tcp

A popular Linux rpc.statd exploitwill drop a root shell on this port.

Port 9704 tcp/udp

A popular wu-fptd exploit dropsa root shell on this port.

Port 9747 tcp/udp

L5NAS Parallel Channel. Uses l5nas-parchan service.

Port 9753 tcp/udp

rasadv. Uses rasadv service.

Port 9777-9778 tcp/udp


Port 9800 tcp/udp

WebDav Source Port. Uses davsrc service.

Port 9801 tcp/udp

Sakura Script Transfer Protocol-2. Uses sstp-2 service.

Port 9802 tcp/udp

WebDAV Source TLS/SSL. Uses davsrcs service.

Port 9870 tcp/udp


Port 9871 tcp


Port 9872-9875 tcp

Portal of Doom

Port 9875 tcp/udp

Session Announcement v1. Uses sapv1 service.

Port 9876 tcp/udp

A Norton Commander lookalikefor UNIX. The client portion canbrowse files on the hard disk,intar files

Port 9876 tcp

Cyber Attacker,Rux

Port 9876 tcp/udp

Session Director. Uses sd service.

Port 9878 tcp


Port 9888 tcp/udp

CYBORG Systems. Uses cyborg-systems service.

Port 9898 tcp/udp

MonkeyCom. Uses monkeycom service.

Port 9898 tcp/udp


Port 9899 tcp/udp

SCTP TUNNELING. Uses sctp-tunneling service.

Port 9900 tcp/udp

IUA. Uses iua service.

Port 9900 tcp/udp


Port 9909 tcp/udp

domaintime. Uses domaintime service.

Port 9911 tcp/udp

SYPECom Transport Protocol. Uses sype-transport service.

Port 9950 tcp/udp

APC 9950. Uses apc-9950 service.

Port 9951 tcp/udp

APC 9951. Uses apc-9951 service.

Port 9952 tcp/udp

APC 9952. Uses apc-9952 service.

Port 9989 tcp

RAT:IniKillerDestroys basic files,like .ini files

Port 9990 tcp/udp

OSM Applet Server. Uses osm-appsrvr service.

Port 9991 tcp/udp

OSM Event Server. Uses osm-oev service.

Port 9992 tcp/udp

OnLive-1. Uses palace-1 service.

Port 9993 tcp/udp

OnLive-2. Uses palace-2 service.

Port 9994 tcp/udp

OnLive-3. Uses palace-3 service.

Port 9995 tcp/udp

Palace-4. Uses palace-4 service.

Port 9996 tcp/udp

Palace-5. Uses palace-5 service.

Port 9997 tcp/udp

Palace-6. Uses palace-6 service.

Port 9998 tcp/udp

Distinct32. Uses distinct32 service.

Port 9999 tcp

The Prayer

Port 9999 tcp/udp

distinct. Uses distinct service.

Port 10000 tcp


Port 10000 tcp/udp

Network Data Management Protocol. Uses ndmp service.

Port 10001-10002 tcp/udp


Port 10001 tcp/udp

SCP Configuration Port. Uses scp-config service.

Port 10005 tcp


Port 10007 tcp/udp

MVS Capacity. Uses mvs-capacity service.

Port 10008 tcp/udp

Octopus Multiplexer. Uses octopus service.

Port 10008 tcp/udp

cheese wormIn early year 2001,many exploit scriptsfor DNS TSIG name overflow would placea root shell on this port. In mid-2001

Port 10067 udp

Portal of Doom

Port 10080 tcp


Port 10080 tcp/udp

Amanda. Uses amanda service.

Port 10085-10086 tcp


Port 10100 tcp

Control Total,Gift trojan

Port 10101 tcp


Port 10101 tcp/udp

eZproxy. Uses ezmeeting-2 service.

Port 10102 tcp/udp

eZmeeting. Uses ezproxy-2 service.

Port 10103 tcp/udp

eZrelay. Uses ezrelay service.

Port 10113 tcp/udp

NetIQ Endpoint. Uses netiq-endpoint service.

Port 10114 tcp/udp

NetIQ Qcheck. Uses netiq-qcheck service.

Port 10115 tcp/udp

NetIQ Endpoint. Uses netiq-endpt service.

Port 10116 tcp/udp

NetIQ VoIP Assessor. Uses netiq-voipa service.

Port 10128 tcp/udp

BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON. Uses bmc-perf-sd service.

Port 10167 udp

Portal of Doom

Port 10168 tcp/udp


Port 10252 tcp/udp

Apollo Relay Port. Uses apollo-relay service.

Port 10260 tcp/udp

Axis WIMP Port. Uses axis-wimp-port service.

Port 10288 tcp/udp

Blocks. Uses blocks service.

Port 10520 tcp

Acid Shivers

Port 10528 tcp

Host Control

Port 10607 tcp


Port 10666 udp


Port 10752 tcp/udp

Backdoor. One of the many Linuxmountd (port 635) exploits installsits backdoor at this port. Origin???10751 = 0x2a00,where 0x2a = 42(proposed by Darren Reed) The bx.c IRC exploit puts a root shellbackdoor listening at this port. The ADM named v3 attack puts ashell at this port.

Port 10990 tcp/udp

Auxiliary RMI Port. Uses rmiaux service.

Port 11000 tcp

Senna Spy Trojan Generator

Port 11000 tcp/udp

IRISA. Uses irisa service.

Port 11001 tcp/udp

Metasys. Uses metasys service.

Port 11050-11051 tcp

Host Control

Port 11111 tcp/udp

Viral Computing Environment (VCE). Uses vce service.

Port 11142 tcp


Port 11201 tcp/udp

smsqp. Uses smsqp service.

Port 11223 tcp

Progenic trojan,Secret Agent

Port 11311 tcp


Port 11319 tcp/udp

IMIP. Uses imip service.

Port 11320 tcp/udp

IMIP Channels Port. Uses imip-channels service.

Port 11321 tcp/udp

Arena Server Listen. Uses arena-server service.

Port 11367 tcp/udp

ATM UHAS. Uses atm-uhas service.

Port 11371 tcp/udp

OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver. Uses hkp service.

Port 11600 tcp/udp

Tempest Protocol Port. Uses tempest-port service.

Port 11720 tcp/udp

h323 Call Signal Alternate. Uses h323callsigalt service.

Port 11751 tcp/udp

Intrepid SSL. Uses intrepid-ssl service.

Port 11831 tcp/udp


Port 11967 tcp/udp

SysInfo Service Protocol. Uses sysinfo-sp service.

Port 12000 tcp/udp

IBM Enterprise Extender SNAXID Exchange. Uses entextxid service.

Port 12001 tcp/udp

IBM Enterprise Extender SNACOS Network Priority. Uses entextnetwk service.

Port 12002 tcp/udp

IBM Enterprise Extender SNACOS High Priority. Uses entexthigh service.

Port 12003 tcp/udp

IBM Enterprise Extender SNACOS Medium Priority. Uses entextmed service.

Port 12004 tcp/udp

IBM Enterprise Extender SNACOS Low Priority. Uses entextlow service.

Port 12005 tcp/udp

DBISAM Database Server - Regular. Uses dbisamserver1 service.

Port 12006 tcp/udp

DBISAM Database Server - Admin. Uses dbisamserver2 service.

Port 12076 tcp


Port 12109 tcp/udp

RETS over SSL. Uses rets-ssl service.

Port 12172 tcp/udp

HiveP. Uses hivep service.

Port 12223 tcp

HacküL99 KeyLogger

Port 12345 tcp/udp

Italk Chat System. Uses italk service.

Port 12345 tcp/udp

Notice how this port is the sequence ofnumbers "1 2 3 4 5". This is commonchosen whenever somebody is asked toconfigure a port number. It is likewisechosen by programmers when creatingdefault port numbers for their products.One very famous such uses is with NetBus.Trend Micro's OfficeScan products usethis port.Ashley,cron / crontab

Port 12346 tcp/udp

Fat Bitch trojan,GabanBus

Port 12349 tcp


Port 12361-12363 tcp


Port 12623 udp

DUN Control

Port 12631 tcp

Whack Job

Port 12646 tcp


Port 12753 tcp/udp

tsaf port. Uses tsaf service.

Port 12754 tcp


Port 13000 udp

RAT:Senna Spy Trojan Generatorrequires VB

Port 13010 tcp

Hacker Brasil - HBR

Port 13013-13014 tcp


Port 13160 tcp/udp

I-ZIPQD. Uses i-zipqd service.

Port 13173 tcp/udp


Port 13223 tcp

HacküL99 KeyLogger

Port 13223 tcp/udp

PowWow Client. Uses powwow-client service.

Port 13224 tcp/udp

PowWow Server. Uses powwow-server service.

Port 13298 tcp/udp


Port 13473 tcp


Port 13720 tcp/udp

BPRD Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup). Uses bprd service.

Port 13721 tcp/udp

BPDBM Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup). Uses bpdbm service.

Port 13722 tcp/udp

BP Java MSVC Protocol. Uses bpjava-msvc service.

Port 13724 tcp/udp

Veritas Network Utility. Uses vnetd service.

Port 13782 tcp/udp

VERITAS NetBackup. Uses bpcd service.

Port 13783 tcp/udp

VOPIED Protocol. Uses vopied service.

Port 13818 tcp/udp

DSMCC Config. Uses dsmcc-config service.

Port 13819 tcp/udp

DSMCC Session Messages. Uses dsmcc-session service.

Port 13820 tcp/udp

DSMCC Pass-Thru Messages. Uses dsmcc-passthru service.

Port 13821 tcp/udp

DSMCC Download Protocol. Uses dsmcc-download service.

Port 13822 tcp/udp

DSMCC Channel Change Protocol. Uses dsmcc-ccp service.

Port 14000 tcp/udp

A default port for running InpriseVisibroker Smart Agent ORB.

Port 14001 udp

De-Registered (2001 June 06). Uses sua service.

Port 14001 tcp

SUA. Uses sua service.

Port 14001 sctp

SUA. Uses sua service.

Port 14033 tcp/udp

sage Best! Config Server 1. Uses sage-best-com1 service.

Port 14034 tcp/udp

sage Best! Config Server 2. Uses sage-best-com2 service.

Port 14141 tcp/udp

VCS Application. Uses vcs-app service.

Port 14145 tcp/udp

GCM Application. Uses gcm-app service.

Port 14149 tcp/udp

Veritas Traffic Director. Uses vrts-tdd service.

Port 14237-14238 tcp

HotSync across the Internet

Port 14500-14504 tcp

PC Invader

Port 14690 tcp


Port 14728 tcp


Port 14936 tcp/udp

hde-lcesrvr-1. Uses hde-lcesrvr-1 service.

Port 14937 tcp/udp

hde-lcesrvr-2. Uses hde-lcesrvr-2 service.

Port 15000 tcp/udp

Hypack Data Aquisition. Uses hydap service.

Port 15000 tcp


Port 15092 tcp

Host Control

Port 15104 tcp


Port 15345 tcp/udp

XPilot Contact Port. Uses xpilot service.

Port 15348 tcp


Port 15363 tcp/udp

3Link Negotiation. Uses 3link service.

Port 15382 tcp


Port 15432 tcp


Port 15793 tcp


Port 15858 tcp


Port 16161 tcp/udp

Solaris SEA Port. Uses sun-sea-port service.

Port 16322 tcp/udp


Port 16360 tcp/udp

netserialext1. Uses netserialext1 service.

Port 16361 tcp/udp

netserialext2. Uses netserialext2 service.

Port 16367 tcp/udp

netserialext3. Uses netserialext3 service.

Port 16368 tcp/udp

netserialext4. Uses netserialext4 service.

Port 16384 tcp/udp

Connected Corp. Uses connected service.

Port 16484 tcp


Port 16660 tcp


Port 16661 tcp


Port 16772 tcp

ICQ Revenge

Port 16959 tcp

SubSeven,Subseven 2.1.4 DefCon 8

Port 16969 tcp


Port 16991 tcp/udp

INTEL-RCI-MP. Uses intel-rci-mp service.

Port 16999 tcp


Port 17166 tcp


Port 17185 tcp/udp

Sounds Virtual. Uses soundsvirtual service.

Port 17219 tcp/udp

Chipper. Uses chipper service.

Port 17300 tcp

Kuang2 the virus

Port 17449 tcp

Kid Terror

Port 17499-17500 tcp


Port 17569 tcp


Port 17777 tcp


Port 18000 tcp/udp

Beckman Instruments,Inc.. Uses biimenu service.

Port 18181 tcp/udp

OPSEC CVP. Uses opsec-cvp service.

Port 18182 tcp/udp

OPSEC UFP. Uses opsec-ufp service.

Port 18183 tcp/udp

OPSEC SAM. Uses opsec-sam service.

Port 18184 tcp/udp

OPSEC LEA. Uses opsec-lea service.

Port 18185 tcp/udp

OPSEC OMI. Uses opsec-omi service.

Port 18186 tcp/udp

Occupational Health SC. Uses ohsc service.

Port 18187 tcp/udp

OPSEC ELA. Uses opsec-ela service.

Port 18241 tcp/udp

Check Point RTM. Uses checkpoint-rtm service.

Port 18463 tcp/udp

AC Cluster. Uses ac-cluster service.

Port 18753 udp


Port 18769 tcp/udp

IQue Protocol. Uses ique service.

Port 18888 tcp/udp

APCNECMP. Uses apc-necmp service.

Port 18888 tcp/udp


Port 19191 tcp/udp

OPSEC UAA. Uses opsec-uaa service.

Port 19194 tcp/udp

UserAuthority SecureAgent. Uses ua-secureagent service.

Port 19283 tcp/udp

Key Server for SASSAFRAS. Uses keysrvr service.

Port 19315 tcp/udp

Key Shadow for SASSAFRAS. Uses keyshadow service.

Port 19340 tcp/udp


Port 19398 tcp/udp

mtrgtrans. Uses mtrgtrans service.

Port 19410 tcp/udp

hp-sco. Uses hp-sco service.

Port 19411 tcp/udp

hp-sca. Uses hp-sca service.

Port 19412 tcp/udp

HP-SESSMON. Uses hp-sessmon service.

Port 19540 tcp/udp

SXUPTP. Uses sxuptp service.

Port 19541 tcp/udp

JCP Client. Uses jcp service.

Port 19864 tcp

ICQ Revenge

Port 19937 tcp


Port 20000 tcp/udp

DNP. Uses dnp service.

Port 20000 tcp


Port 20001 tcp/udp

MicroSAN. Uses microsan service.

Port 20001 tcp

Millenium,Millenium (Lm)

Port 20002 tcp


Port 20005 tcp


Port 20023 tcp

VP Killer

Port 20034 tcp

NetBus 2.0 Pro Hidden,NetRex

Port 20034 tcp/udp

NetBurner ID Port. Uses nburn_id service.

Port 20168 tcp


Port 20202 tcp/udp

IPD Tunneling Port. Uses ipdtp-port service.

Port 20203 tcp


Port 20222 tcp/udp

iPulse-ICS. Uses ipulse-ics service.

Port 20226 tcp


Port 20331 tcp

BLA trojan

Port 20432 tcp


Port 20433 udp


Port 20670 tcp/udp

Track. Uses track service.

Port 20999 tcp/udp

At Hand MMP. Uses athand-mmp service.

Port 21157 udp

Activision gaming protocol

Port 21217 tcp/udp


Port 21544 tcp

GirlFriend,Kid Terror

Port 21554 tcp

Exploiter,Kid Terror

Port 21590 tcp/udp

VoFR Gateway. Uses vofr-gateway service.

Port 21800 tcp/udp

TVNC Pro Multiplexing. Uses tvpm service.

Port 21845 tcp/udp

webphone. Uses webphone service.

Port 21846 tcp/udp

NetSpeak Corp. Directory Services. Uses netspeak-is service.

Port 21847 tcp/udp

NetSpeak Corp. Connection Services. Uses netspeak-cs service.

Port 21848 tcp/udp

NetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution. Uses netspeak-acd service.

Port 21849 tcp/udp

NetSpeak Corp. Credit Processing System. Uses netspeak-cps service.

Port 22000 tcp/udp

SNAPenetIO. Uses snapenetio service.

Port 22001 tcp/udp

OptoControl. Uses optocontrol service.

Port 22222 tcp

Donald Dick,Prosiak

Port 22273 tcp/udp

wnn6. Uses wnn6 service.

Port 22311 tcp/udp


Port 22555 tcp

Vocaltec Web Conference. Uses vocaltec-wconf service.

Port 22555 udp

Vocaltec Internet Phone. Uses vocaltec-phone service.

Port 22703 tcp

WebTV is vulnerable to an exploiton this port that can reboot the machine..

Port 22793 tcp

VocalTec Internet PhoneTCP connection to VocalTec's Addressing servers.. Uses vocaltec-wconf service.

Port 22800 tcp/udp

Telerate Information Platform LAN. Uses aws-brf service.

Port 22951 tcp/udp

Telerate Information Platform WAN. Uses brf-gw service.

Port 23005-23006 tcp


Port 23023 tcp


Port 23032 tcp


Port 23213-23214 tcp/udp

PowWowby Tribal Voice

Port 23432 tcp


Port 23435 tcp


Port 23456 tcp/udp

Trojan:EvilFTP,Ugly FTP

Port 23476 tcp/udp

Donald Dick

Port 23477 tcp

Donald Dick

Port 23666 tcp/udp


Port 23777 tcp


Port 24000 tcp/udp

med-ltp. Uses med-ltp service.

Port 24000 tcp


Port 24001 tcp/udp

med-fsp-rx. Uses med-fsp-rx service.

Port 24002 tcp/udp

med-fsp-tx. Uses med-fsp-tx service.

Port 24003 tcp/udp

med-supp. Uses med-supp service.

Port 24004 tcp/udp

med-ovw. Uses med-ovw service.

Port 24005 tcp/udp

med-ci. Uses med-ci service.

Port 24006 tcp/udp

med-net-svc. Uses med-net-svc service.

Port 24242 tcp/udp

fileSphere. Uses filesphere service.

Port 24249 tcp/udp

Vista 4GL. Uses vista-4gl service.

Port 24386 tcp/udp

Intel RCI. Uses intel_rci service.

Port 24554 tcp/udp

BINKP. Uses binkp service.

Port 24677 tcp/udp

FlashFiler. Uses flashfiler service.

Port 24678 tcp/udp

Turbopower Proactivate. Uses proactivate service.

Port 24759 tcp


Port 24922 tcp/udp

Simple Net Ident Protocol. Uses snip service.

Port 25000 tcp/udp

icl-twobase1. Uses icl-twobase1 service.

Port 25001 tcp/udp

icl-twobase2. Uses icl-twobase2 service.

Port 25002 tcp/udp

icl-twobase3. Uses icl-twobase3 service.

Port 25003 tcp/udp

icl-twobase4. Uses icl-twobase4 service.

Port 25004 tcp/udp

icl-twobase5. Uses icl-twobase5 service.

Port 25005 tcp/udp

icl-twobase6. Uses icl-twobase6 service.

Port 25006 tcp/udp

icl-twobase7. Uses icl-twobase7 service.

Port 25007 tcp/udp

icl-twobase8. Uses icl-twobase8 service.

Port 25008 tcp/udp

icl-twobase9. Uses icl-twobase9 service.

Port 25009 tcp/udp

icl-twobase10. Uses icl-twobase10 service.

Port 25025-25026 tcp


Port 25044 tcp


Port 25685-25686 tcp


Port 25793 tcp/udp

Vocaltec Address Server. Uses vocaltec-hos service.

Port 25901 tcp/udp

NIObserver. Uses niobserver service.

Port 25903 tcp/udp

NIProbe. Uses niprobe service.

Port 25982 tcp


Port 26000 tcp/udp

quake. Uses quake service.

Port 26208 tcp/udp

wnn6-ds. Uses wnn6-ds service.

Port 26260 tcp/udp

eZproxy. Uses ezproxy service.

Port 26261 tcp/udp

eZmeeting. Uses ezmeeting service.

Port 26262 tcp/udp

K3 Software-Server. Uses k3software-svr service.

Port 26263 tcp/udp

K3 Software-Client. Uses k3software-cli service.

Port 26264 tcp/udp

Gserver. Uses gserver service.

Port 26274 udp


Port 26681 tcp

Voice Spy

Port 27000-27009 tcp/udp

FLEX LM (1-10). Uses flex-lm service.

Port 27000 tcp/udp

May be used as part of a Quake related game.

Port 27001 tcp/udp


Port 27010 tcp


Port 27015 tcp


Port 27345 tcp/udp

ImagePump. Uses imagepump service.

Port 27374 tcp/udp

Bad Blood,Ramen

Port 27379 tcp/udp


Port 27444 udp

Trinoo slave port

Port 27504 tcp/udp

Kopek HTTP Head Port. Uses kopek-httphead service.

Port 27551 tcp/udp


Port 27573 tcp

SubSeven Trojan

Port 27665 tcp

Trinoo master port

Port 27910 tcp/udp

May be used as part of a Quake related game.

Port 27960 tcp/udp


Port 27999 tcp

TW Authentication/Key Distribution and. Uses tw-auth-key service.

Port 27999 udp

Attribute Certificate Services. Uses tw-auth-key service.

Port 28000-28008 udp

Starsiege TRIBES

Port 28678 tcp


Port 29104 tcp


Port 29369 tcp


Port 29559 tcp/udp


Port 29891 tcp

The Unexplained

Port 30000 tcp


Port 30001 tcp/udp

Pago Services 1. Uses pago-services1 service.

Port 30001 tcp


Port 30002 tcp/udp

Pago Services 2. Uses pago-services2 service.

Port 30003 tcp

Lamers Death

Port 30029 tcp

AOL Admin 1.1

Port 30100 tcp

RAT: NetSphere

Port 30101 tcp

RAT: NetSphereAn FTP service is run at TCP port 30101in order to download the keylogger filesand recorded WAV files.

Port 30102 tcp

RAT: NetSphere (TCP)An FTP service is run at TCP port 30102in order to download screen captures.

Port 30103 tcp/udp

RAT: NetSphere

Port 30133 tcp


Port 30303 tcp/udp

Sockets de Troie(A French Trojan Horse and virus)

Port 30464 tcp

SMTP ETRN overflowA known Netwin ESMTP exploit bindsa root shell to TCP port 30464.

Port 30947 tcp


Port 30999 tcp


Port 31320 tcp/udp


Port 31332 tcp/udp


Port 31335 tcp/udp

Trinoo slave->master port.The packet contains the string"*HELLO*" on notification,or "PONG"when responding to a broadcast.

Port 31336 tcp

Bo Whack,Butt Funnel

Port 31337 tcp

Back Fire,Back Orifice 1.20 patches

Port 31337 udp

Back Orifice Back Orifice is a backdoor program thatcommonly runs at this port. Scans on thisport are usually looking for Back Orifice.

Port 31337-31388 udp

Deep BO

Port 31339 tcp

NetSpy (DK)

Port 31388 tcp

Back Orifice,Butt Funnel

Port 31416 tcp/udp

XQoS network monitor. Uses xqosd service.

Port 31556 tcp/udp


Port 31620 tcp/udp

lm mon. Uses lm-mon service.

Port 31666 tcp


Port 31693 tcp/udp


Port 31765 tcp/udp

GameSmith Port. Uses gamesmith-port service.

Port 31785 tcp


Port 31787-31792 tcp


Port 32001 tcp

Donald Dick

Port 32100 tcp

Peanut Brittle,Project nEXT

Port 32418 tcp

Acid Battery

Port 32768 tcp/udp

Filenet TMS. Uses filenet-tms service.

Port 32769 tcp/udp

Filenet RPC. Uses filenet-rpc service.

Port 32770 tcp/udp

Filenet NCH. Uses filenet-nch service.

Port 32771 tcp/udp

FileNET RMI. Uses filenet-rmi service.

Port 32771 tcp/udp

Ghost Portmapper. Some SunOS machineslisten at this port for portmapper. Sincefirewalls frequently don't filter at high ports,it can allow the attacker access to portmappereven when port 111 is blocked.

Port 32772 tcp/udp

FileNET Process Analyzer. Uses filenet-pa service.

Port 32773 tcp/udp

FileNET Component Manager. Uses filenet-cm service.

Port 32773 tcp/udp

Sun puts RPC services in this region. Scansagainst this port might be looking for anyRPC service,or maybe the rpc.ttdbserverdor rpc.sadmind service.. Uses #rpc.ttdbserverd service.

Port 32774 tcp/udp

FileNET Rules Engine. Uses filenet-re service.

Port 32776 tcp/udp

Sun puts RPC services in this region. Scansagainst this port might be looking for anyRPC service,or maybe the rpc.spray service.. Uses #rpc.spray service.

Port 32777 tcp/udp

Sun puts RPC services in this region. Scansagainst this port might be looking for anyRPC service,or maybe the rpc.walld service.. Uses #rpc.walld service.

Port 32779 tcp/udp

Sun puts RPC services in this region. Scansagainst this port might be looking for anyRPC service,or maybe the rpc.cmsd service.. Uses #rpc.cmsd service.

Port 32896 tcp/udp

Attachmate ID Manager. Uses idmgratm service.

Port 33270 tcp


Port 33331 tcp/udp

DiamondCentral Interface. Uses diamondport service.

Port 33333 tcp


Port 33434 tcp/udp

traceroute use. Uses traceroute service.

Port 33577 tcp

Son of PsychWard

Port 33777 tcp

Son of PsychWard

Port 33911 tcp

Spirit 2000,Spirit 2001

Port 34249 tcp/udp

TurboNote Relay Server Default Port. Uses turbonote-2 service.

Port 34324 tcp

Big Gluck,TN

Port 34378 tcp/udp

P-Net on IP local. Uses p-net-local service.

Port 34379 tcp/udp

P-Net on IP remote. Uses p-net-remote service.

Port 34444 tcp

Donald Dick

Port 34555 udp

Windows Trin00 Trojan

Port 34980 tcp/udp

EtherCAT Port. Uses ethercat service.

Port 35555 udp

Windows Trin00 Trojan

Port 36865 tcp/udp

KastenX Pipe. Uses kastenxpipe service.

Port 37237 tcp


Port 37475 tcp/udp

science + computing's Venus Administration Port. Uses neckar service.

Port 37651 tcp

Yet Another Trojan - YAT

Port 38036 tcp/udp

The Timestep VPN from Saytek can run atthis port.. Uses #timestep service.

Port 38201 tcp/udp

Galaxy7 Data Tunnel. Uses galaxy7-data service.

Port 39112 tcp/udp


Port 39581 tcp/udp


Port 39681 tcp/udp

TurboNote Default Port. Uses turbonote-1 service.

Port 39872 tcp/udp


Port 40193 tcp/udp

Novell servers can be crashed by sendingrandom data to this port.

Port 40412 tcp

The Spy

Port 40421 tcp

Agent 40421,Masters Paradise

Port 40422-40426 tcp

Masters Paradise

Port 40841 tcp/udp

CSCP. Uses cscp service.

Port 40842 tcp/udp

CSCCREDIR. Uses csccredir service.

Port 40843 tcp/udp

CSCCFIREWALL. Uses csccfirewall service.

Port 41111 tcp/udp

Foursticks QoS Protocol. Uses fs-qos service.

Port 41337 tcp


Port 41524 tcp/udp

arcserveRuns a discovery protocol on this port.

Port 41666 tcp

Remote Boot Tool - RBT

Port 41794 tcp/udp

Crestron Control Port. Uses crestron-cip service.

Port 41795 tcp/udp

Crestron Terminal Port. Uses crestron-ctp service.

Port 41934 tcp


Port 42321 tcp


Port 43188 tcp/udp

REACHOUT. Uses reachout service.

Port 43189 tcp/udp

NDM-AGENT-PORT. Uses ndm-agent-port service.

Port 43190 tcp/udp

IP-PROVISION. Uses ip-provision service.

Port 44280 tcp/udp


Port 44321 tcp/udp

PCP server (pmcd). Uses pmcd service.

Port 44322 tcp/udp

PCP server (pmcd) proxy. Uses pmcdproxy service.

Port 44390 tcp/udp


Port 44444 tcp


Port 44575 tcp


Port 44818 tcp/udp

Rockwell Encapsulation. Uses rockwell-encap service.

Port 45000 tcp/udp

Cisco SAFE IDS / NetRanger NetRanger (and IDS probe) regularlycommunicates to the "Director"(management console) via port 45000.Among other things,this acts as ahearbeat so that the console knowsthe agent is alive.

Port 45054 tcp/udp

InVision AG. Uses invision-ag service.

Port 45672 tcp/udp


Port 45678 tcp/udp

EBA PRISE. Uses eba service.

Port 45836 tcp/udp


Port 45966 tcp/udp

SSRServerMgr. Uses ssr-servermgr service.

Port 47000 tcp/udp

Message Bus. Uses mbus service.

Port 47017 tcp/udp

Part of rootkit "t0rn",a programcalled "in.amqd" might run on this.

Port 47262 udp

Delta Source

Port 47387 tcp/udp


Port 47557 tcp/udp

Databeam Corporation. Uses dbbrowse service.

Port 47624 tcp/udp

Direct Play Server. Uses directplaysrvr service.

Port 47806 tcp/udp

ALC Protocol. Uses ap service.

Port 47808 tcp/udp

Building Automation and Control Networks. Uses bacnet service.

Port 48000 tcp/udp

Nimbus Controller. Uses nimcontroller service.

Port 48001 tcp/udp

Nimbus Spooler. Uses nimspooler service.

Port 48002 tcp/udp

Nimbus Hub. Uses nimhub service.

Port 48003 tcp/udp

Nimbus Gateway. Uses nimgtw service.

Port 48556 tcp/udp

com-bardac-dw. Uses com-bardac-dw service.

Port 48619 tcp/udp

iqobject. Uses iqobject service.

Port 49151 tcp/udp

IANA Reserved

Port 49301 tcp

OnLine KeyLogger

Port 50021 tcp/udp


Port 50130 tcp


Port 50505 tcp/udp

Sockets de Troie(A French Trojan Horse and virus)

Port 50766 tcp


Port 51234 tcp


Port 51966 tcp


Port 52031 tcp/udp


Port 52317 tcp

Acid Battery 2000

Port 52559 tcp


Port 52901 udp

Possibly the Omega DDoS tool.

Port 53001 tcp

Remote Windows Shutdown - RWS

Port 53201 tcp


Port 54112 tcp


Port 54283 tcp

SubSeven,SubSeven 2.1 Gold

Port 54312 tcp/udp


Port 54320 tcp

Back Orifice 2000

Port 54321 tcp

Back Orifice 2000,School Bus

Port 54321 udp

A service that replies with the loadaverage of a machine.

Port 55165 tcp

File Manager trojan,File Manager trojan

Port 55166 tcp

WM Trojan Generator

Port 55665-55666 tcp/udp


Port 55808 udp


Port 57005 tcp


Port 57123 tcp


Port 57341 tcp


Port 58339 tcp

Butt Funnel

Port 58343 tcp


Port 58666 tcp/udp


Port 60000 tcp

Deep Throat,Foreplay

Port 60001 tcp


Port 60068 tcp

Xzip 6000068

Port 60101 tcp


Port 60411 tcp


Port 61000 tcp/udp


Port 61282 tcp


Port 61348 tcp


Port 61466 tcp


Port 61603 tcp


Port 63485 tcp


Port 63809 tcp


Port 64101 tcp


Port 64429 tcp


Port 65000 tcp

Devil,Sockets des Troie

Port 65010 tcp


Port 65301 udp


Port 65390 tcp


Port 65421 tcp


Port 65432 tcp/udp

The Traitor (= th3tr41t0r)

Port 65534 tcp


Port 65535 tcp

RC1 trojan


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